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10/23/2018 c35 17T-Rex Ninja Kid
Fantastic story :) if you ever get around to finishing it. I bet it would lots of folks happy :)
10/23/2018 c30 T-Rex Ninja Kid
Nope don't like Jacob. Only ME guy l even sorta like is Gil Brodie from Andromeda. Kaiden, Jacob Liam no.
10/23/2018 c27 T-Rex Ninja Kid
Cool :) and awwww :) l was wondering if you were going to be evil and have Shep regret it and come to her senses later :)
10/23/2018 c26 T-Rex Ninja Kid
I don't if the citadel DLC was out when you did this coz l love the scene where clone Shepard throws Sam off the ship and of course her toothbrush saves the day :p
10/22/2018 c24 T-Rex Ninja Kid
Yaaaaaaaaaaay Tali :) air sisters, cool name, :)
10/22/2018 c23 T-Rex Ninja Kid
The Garrus Shepard friendship is great :)
10/22/2018 c17 T-Rex Ninja Kid
Liking the banter :)
10/22/2018 c14 T-Rex Ninja Kid
Definitely novel :p
10/22/2018 c8 T-Rex Ninja Kid
Operation Toothbrush lol :D
10/22/2018 c7 T-Rex Ninja Kid
Poor EDI :( we're they listening to the conversation between Shep and Karin?
10/22/2018 c6 T-Rex Ninja Kid
Dang l forgot you can end up killing Ash. Nooooooooo!
10/22/2018 c5 T-Rex Ninja Kid
I also like your Samantha :). I've only ever played ME3 once with no saves, just out of curiosity and while the Grissom mission and the ardat yakshi one are interesting without Jack and Samara. The others tend to substitute a character like Dr Webber? For Jacob. I really don't like Wreave :( coz Eve dies :(. (well mine did as l never did Mordins mission to save thingamabobs data. Great chapter :)
10/22/2018 c3 T-Rex Ninja Kid
I like your Shepard :p
10/22/2018 c2 T-Rex Ninja Kid
Nice :)
10/22/2018 c1 T-Rex Ninja Kid
Impressive start :)
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