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for Enduring the Flames of War

1/26 c47 Bucio
Sorry for the delay, it was one thing after another, and when I realized it, it's already 2023

About this great chapter, while in addition to seeing Johnson's incredible skills as a tank vendor at the beginning, and seeing him have better luck than Garrus, with the turian girls, it finally happened.

After almost 22 chapters, and where almost everyone saw the obvious, even Wrex and Bakara who took the opportunity to tease Jane about it, John and Jane finally took the next step in their relationship, kissing for the first time, consolidating themselves as a couple, with him holding her and comforting her, for all the pressure Jane feels and concern for the well-being of her father figure, who continues to fight on Earth (that and literally feeling the weight of the galaxy on her shoulders, because of what goes on between the Geth and the Quarians, the situation with the Asari and worrying about Samara - let's hope she's okay -, and hoping to get the rest of the team together)

Being the parts of John and Jane one of my favorites, for all the love and concern that she shows for John, and now with him taking the initiative, to help her, because she would want to wait for the right moment, but given the situation of the galaxy , that would never come, so it's very good to see John take the next step

Although it doesn't last long, because the next mission is in Palaven, where the situation is serious, with Jane's pressure going to the roof, as it will imply that John and Alan risk a suicide mission, attacking the Reapers directly, while the rest evacuate civilians and survivors in the capital city; and while Jane refuses, due to the dangerousness of the situation (and because it is her John who will be in danger), everyone, John included (much to his regret, knowing how this will affect Jane), make her see that it is something necessary, with Jane reluctantly agreeing, when Cortana and the others assure her that John and Alan will have a lot of support on that mission.

Also seeing in this chapter Jane accept a Sanghelli in her team, which at this point, no longer surprises Garrus, and with the Turian, also helps give 003 some perspective on his new team, with the actions of the last chapter making the Turians view 003 more favorably (although that will earn the ex-detective retaliation later, if 003 innocently asks Kabalim about what Garrus told him, and with Alan mentioning that it was Jane's friend who informed him, earning the ire of Kabalim); that, and seeing Garrus agree/confirm about Jane and John

As well as seeing Mana, looking uncomfortable, hearing of the Reapers tactics, and almost asking with a plea if John will do anything about it.

Since they are already at that stage of their relationship, I would expect to see Jane, before seeing the Chief leave for his mission, give John a very passionate kiss, asking/order him to survive; if she does it in front of everyone, with various crew members exchanging payouts for bets made about it (with someone informing Tali, Legion and Miranda that they won or lost some bet)

I hope you have a very prosperous new year

Good luck and keep it up
1/20 c46 Guest
another great chapter, cant wait for the next one! glad you are continuing this story
1/10 c12 PrimeOdin
Blarg Blarg Blarge dead made me laugh super hard.
12/30/2022 c11 darkdrifter364
this chapter literally brought me to tears dear author. this is the best fanfic I've ever read in my life I would love to talk to you about how much thought and passion this story must have taken to make this story
12/28/2022 c47 Guest
Calling it right now: Chief and Shepherd get stuck on the Normandy and tell Cortana and EDI to wake them when they need them, before going into cryo while drifting through space only to be found by the Spirit of Fire but must go back into cryo due to the Normandy lacking a slip space drive. Fast forward 4 years and they find requiem in all of its “glory” to find a new enemy and galaxy waiting to welcome them home.
12/26/2022 c47 Mitchellsy
Could not put this down once I had started, honestly on of the best FF I’ve ever read, I greatly anticipate it’s eventual conclusion!
12/21/2022 c29 jetjedi
11/27/2022 c1 Hurperman
I doner know if you remember me from ehen destiny burns literally almost a decade ago but i still casually read your stories occasionally :)
11/27/2022 c47 SPECTOR -107
this fanfic is top 5 in mass effect X halo
11/26/2022 c47 Guest
Will the Female Noble 6 ever make a reappearance, and does she “personally” know 3?
11/21/2022 c46 ultimate idiot
Whoa... You completely rewrote the battle for tuchanka and it is legendary.
11/17/2022 c47 15Viperstrike2
Love it how you added new husk species
11/16/2022 c43 Viperstrike2
Asari are going to fuck things up on the mission to get the female aren't they
11/15/2022 c43 Viperstrike2
I think you struggled with focus at all, well you have as you wouldn't bring it up if you weren't. What I'm saying is it hasn't ruined the story and to me I've always gotten an excellent view of things from the characters perspective while still knowing what was going on in the background most of the time
11/15/2022 c40 Viperstrike2
The ship race scene was epic
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