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for Enduring the Flames of War

1/22 c38 Unit 731
I can see some pretty strong Crysis influences here. A direct quote from Jacob Hargreave, and a self-repairing, evolving set of powered armor which likely makes heavy use of nanotechnology and likely an integrated, semi-sapient AI unit to regulate it come to mind. I wonder if you're going to give the Reapers and the Flood some Ceph influences, too, as the fic progresses? It would fit eerily well.
1/21 c39 2CaptainFlowers-1
As a hugely massive fan of this story for the past like, four years - man, these last few chapters have been everything I've been wanting and waiting for for so long. Seeing how its all coming together, the Reapers finally arriving, Cortana back, Millennium whole. We're getting answers and finally hitting the end soon. I for one am BEYOND excited for what you give us next, and I can't wait to have the whole Normandy family back together again.

And Shepard in GEN2? Absolutely badass dude. The thought of a biotic Spartan is, well ... kinda terrifying.
1/20 c32 taintedahab
Not gonna lie, pretty fucking epic
1/20 c31 taintedahab
The Reapers show up: “awwwww you guys, you started without us?”

They take one look at the dumpsterfire that is the current galaxy “Naw man, I’m good” , roll their windows up and keep on driving.
1/20 c29 taintedahab
Awww dammit, that giant cunt Faber survived? Seriously, fuck that guy
1/18 c39 SpudyPotato
Aweaome work! Hyped for the next chapter!
1/13 c39 Jimskie
So is the only other Hyper-Lethal Spartan that existed ever going to be relevant to the story or is she going to continue to be an irrelevant background character? Couldn't help but notice that you missed the opportunity to have Six pilot the Pelican given Six's elite status as a pilot. Also, I feel like Six could've easily replaced your OC Spartan and the story wouldn't hardly even change, given Six's mysterious past as a Lone Wolf Operative as well as the insinuations that she's one of those feared Head Hunters during the height of the Covenant War.

Love your work btw. Keep it up.
1/12 c39 Guest
Thank you fir making the “Commander/EDI” correction that I had pointed out!
1/11 c31 Miltonius
Not too sure what to think about your OC spartan, he seems a bit like a Gary stu.
1/11 c15 Tony McNucklz
There's no shit kicker like dear old Avery MF Johnson. Hoorah
1/10 c39 14Dragon-Raptor
Obscure? Really? *raises eyebrow*

...Okay, I really like Jeff Wayne's production of War of the Worlds.

Somehow I doubt a little germ or two's going to help this time... Now a Spartan or two (plus a Shepard or two), on the other hand... *evil grin*
1/10 c39 Darksoul2142
Is that quote from the original War of the Worlds story?
1/10 c3 Tony McNucklz
New major hole in this. Assuming this story presumes humanity seeded by the forerunners evolved in 2 places, why the hell would they both whind up speaking the same language?
1/10 c1 Tony McNucklz
Curious as to how the UNSC and civenant war are supposed to have happened concurrently with Mass Effect. Lots of holes in that concept from even a passing familiarity to the lore of bith franchises.
1/10 c12 Miltonius
It'll probably get explained later, but how come the MC's world and Shepard's world are in the same system, wouldn't the forerunners and reapers have clashed? What about the flood?
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