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6/12/2022 c45 naotw
Great work.
Nice showing Shepard's doubts and internal conflicts. Spot on.
Wrex's reaction was good. A bit overdone with his constant aggression but sold the point well enough.
Hope to see the Athame cultists take on Cerberus. It's a near stomp but Cerberus has come a long way since the FCW and hopefully has surprises for Athame.
6/12/2022 c45 BrutusPrimus
Shaping up well! Nice work!
6/12/2022 c45 8ProfessorZooms
Ah, Tuchanka. My favorite level in any Mass Effect game. Looking forward to the next one, Kudos!
6/11/2022 c45 Scarease
Scarab to fight some smaller reapers .Maybe even glassing beam on reaper would fit end for it .

One Lore video watch on Mass Effect Brough up that original story idea for why reaper harvest sentient life is over use of Biotics cuase unstable amount of black matter cause sun to prematurely age and other such nasty effect .So consider Biotics deal in Mass effect feilds so for the game of Games .
6/11/2022 c45 ikusatsunagi
Thx for another great chapter
6/11/2022 c45 Glasrevin
From what i recall the geth used plasma which would dissipate very quickly over distances, whereas a MAC round would keep going until it hit something. It makes zero sense for the geth to have a range advantage in this context.
6/11/2022 c45 wrightdylen21
Looks like things are about to get hectic in the next chapter
6/11/2022 c45 CheesusChrist15
Damn, was really hoping you forgot about that polygamy crap
6/11/2022 c45 Isaasol2
Uh, you are such a tease, not in a sexual sense obviously. It's just anytime theres some romantic feels between Jane, Cortana, and John; I just want the war to end all ready so they can live a domestic life. Living on the Normady as they travel through space with their A.I children and possible biological children. Uh, I just want that part of the romance to start already!

PS: I can't wait for the rumours to start spreading through the Alliance, SA, and UNSC that the respective hero's of humanity are in a relationship. And I just dare ONI to take away Shepard's Spartan.
6/11/2022 c45 your-Local-scytherifle
a long time coming and it was worth it 100% I enjoyed this immensely and don't mind waiting this long if this quality will be the standard
6/11/2022 c45 2CaptainFlowers-1
Woot woot, love seeing this notification! Everything is moving along and we're what, halfway through ME3? SOME EXCITING STUFF MAN but I don't know how much longer I can be stringed along with Chief and Sheperd. I need this ship so dang badly i s.

Loved the chapter, and also, love the fact you went with a different CAS, Shipmaster and crew! Feels like, at least with other fics, we mostly just see R'tas and the Arbiter. For some reason, I really love seeing the Elites mourn what they have done to humanity, and seeking ways to make amends for it. They've always really struck me as regal, knightly figures. Safeguarding those they've wronged and slaughtered for decades is very, very fitting. Though, it does make me wonder if there is any sort of split between their views of the UEG humanity, and the Systems Alliance.
6/11/2022 c45 Soviet Spy
Nice to see an update. The Hayden "cameo" was a nice touch.
6/11/2022 c45 Guest
very cool
6/11/2022 c45 10Tri-Edge
So, this is going to be some sort of odd threesome with John, Jane, and Cortana?
6/11/2022 c45 Guest
Damn, I was surprised by how obstinate the loyalist Geth are being!
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