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11/2/2018 c1 GodyTangsan
Because your a weak
8/28/2017 c11 2Tosha232
More please! I read this over a year ago, and no progress has been done, please do more!
1/15/2017 c11 Guest
Come back i miss so much this fic ;_;
11/29/2016 c1 sam.wisniewski99
PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER OMG I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH ITS SOOOOO GOOD! Please make it more from Eirin's and crowleys view more and make more romance because I'm loving what romance your giving.
I couldn't put this story down.
9/14/2016 c11 Guest
Please make another part•﹏•
8/26/2016 c11 Guest
Come back ;-;
7/26/2016 c11 Guest
Please i am waiting fot anothrr part this story is amazing
6/12/2016 c11 2Misia0123
nice story here. I'm lovin' it XD Please do continue this and I can't wait for the next chapter to come out XD Good luck in writing it.
4/25/2016 c10 Guest
Please make a next part
4/12/2016 c10 5ThePinkyNinja
This is just so amazing!
And hilarious I may add
I can't wait to see what will happen next!
3/27/2016 c10 aronku
Awesome story, keep it going.

Your grammar is good and the composition of the story is for the, most part, easily followable.
Its also surprising the amount of research you put into the story like with, chapter 10 when you try to explain why blood type C-O is so important.

One question (by the way, you dont have to answer, as answering this would proabably spoil the story): Is Ferid really evil in this story, because in the Owari no seraph manga he gives a, sort of, chaotic good vibe. Like all the evil things he does are for the greater good.

By the way Crowley is so freaking hot (the only guy in anime I have the hots for) (coming from a pubescent boy)
3/25/2016 c9 5Neko-fire demon tempest
I like how it's her blood that made her important.
3/25/2016 c7 Neko-fire demon tempest
Have to say that I like the YuuXMika paring more; it makes me wonder who your going to pair Mika with.
3/24/2016 c4 Neko-fire demon tempest
Loving this story so far. Hope we get to see a little bit of the other characters relationships develop to.
3/24/2016 c9 17gabrielsangel23
Amazing story so far please update as soon as you can I can't wait to read more!
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