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5/2/2018 c9 Guest
You should also make a chapter about how yang is in haven and is seeing her sister going crazy
10/11/2017 c9 TheAccountIUseForReading
*Clears throat...*
8/23/2017 c2 Derrick-Skalula
the repetitive use of loathed and variations of that word kinda bothered me. / should've used a bit more variety.
7/30/2017 c9 KHARAKI TAKAN
Who are the others in your top 5 pairings for Ruby? Got me curious.

You called Penny, Renny at the end there.

Awesome chapter.

Awesome story.

Will there be a sequel to this story? I can easily see one.
7/30/2017 c8 KHARAKI TAKAN
This was an amazing chapter.
7/29/2017 c3 KHARAKI TAKAN
I want to know what the ritual was. Was it closing the door a certain amount of times?
4/27/2017 c9 1Nagaichi
Gotta say you should publish this stuff. The more I read the more I want to read, you could make a fortune. The stories are dark yes, but masterfully done.
4/11/2017 c9 1thedeadpool123
I wish that you would continue this story!
10/14/2016 c9 Guest
I really enjoyed this story. Maybe it's because I'm a hopeful (or hopeless, lol) romantic, but I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel where Ruby at least begins to get herself back together. No ship, or maybe not at first.
~Haley Earthstone
7/28/2016 c9 9Lavits Dragoon
Another good story. I really liked the ending, especially the Coco being a crazy bitch part. It's funny Nora says that as they're in a mental hospital. xD oh, what story was it where you gave us the finger in? I also think you could make a sequel of this story. Where Ruby and Nora are out like maybe a year later, and they occasionally visit Pyrrha and Penny and we learn why they are there. I mean there are a few reasons I can think of why they are there but, I would still like to find out if they can be helped like Ruby and Nora. And maybe some romance stuff "cough" black rose "cough" NoRen XD
2/17/2016 c9 death390
The end?!
2/17/2016 c4 death390
Not even all the way through and already feel the need to follow. Keep up the good work.
1/29/2016 c9 Unknown135
Quick question.
What exactly to Pyhrra and Penny do to wind up in the mental asylum.
1/28/2016 c9 15DusktoDawnBarbatos
So I first started reading your works on the story, "A Rose by another Name" and when that went to a pause, I started reading this story. What I'm saying is Your stories paint a Vivid Picture of the Alternative Worlds of Remnant you've written and this story, Howver short was a masterpiece by all standards. It gave a clear perspective at how Ruby broke down after Yang's death and to finish it with this chapter (Ch.9) It makes you feel the closure Ruby had obtained from Nora. Honestly I hope you make another story off this one, a sorta continuation of "If I Could".
1/27/2016 c9 KingHoborg
Touching, well done. My feels are being stroked to great effect.

The only problem is that it still seems unfinished, like there should be one more chapter to explain the effects of this confrontation on the characters (particularly Ruby)... Like an epilogue. That's just me though.
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