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for Third Crisis

2/26/2016 c37 90wikelia
Hiccup, Hiccup, Hiccup. Poor boy with dramatic flair.
2/23/2016 c22 Guest
They are not like real turtles, too fake
2/24/2016 c36 19LadyManticore101
Haha this should be interesting. Nice name, Jetstorm :)
2/23/2016 c35 90wikelia
Heehee Ingrid looooves him
And Hiccup and Hildegard's relationship is beautiful.
Mumma-in-law. If my future husband doesn't call my mom that, I'll divorce him. No lie. This story has my expectations set very high. XD
2/21/2016 c34 Guest
2/18/2016 c33 Guest
Aww yissss. Hicstrid
2/19/2016 c33 4la femme libre
This is depressing! Shouldn't they be placatedish by the fact that now he's having the time of his life in Valhalla?
2/19/2016 c32 la femme libre
2/19/2016 c1 sin97
keep it up, u r doing really great! Love your story very much
2/16/2016 c32 Guest
2/18/2016 c33 Eeveecat1248
How exactly did Astrid's dad die?
2/18/2016 c33 90wikelia
Aw, Fenrir...so excited to hear the letter! And seeing Fenrir's snide remarks towards Hiccup brightens my life XD.
2/18/2016 c32 19LadyManticore101
I'm drowning in my tears right now. Hope you're happy. :,(
2/17/2016 c32 10DinoBoy13
I SAW IT. And I kind of cried
2/17/2016 c32 4IrisPatton
Oh the feels
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