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1/1/2016 c1 SakuraFlower1999
Oh please let it be that Hiccups daughter ends up falling in love with Valdik! It would be pretty cute and if this does end up happening please do not make it like he was acting cuz I am talking about honest love.
1/1/2016 c10 SakuraFlower1999
Hey I have an idea! Can Ingrid end up liking Dagurs son when she is like 15 and they meet again? Maybe the son can turn out to be a good guy and not just fool her. He can actually fall in love with her! The idea of the children of two enemies falling in love is just too cute!
Please continue writing!
12/31/2015 c9 6Cheorkee rememberer gamer98
XD Call of Duty How To Train Your Dragon Expansion pack Confirmed?! You know Vadik seems very nice considering who his father is. Have a Happy New Year hope 2016 works out well for us all.
12/31/2015 c9 19LadyManticore101
Haha I love it! It kinda seems like Vadik may already have a crush on Ingred. Or maybe he's just scared of her. Haha great story!
12/27/2015 c6 37Lauralkelley99
oh boy, what is Hiccup planing more importantly what is Dauger planing?
12/9/2015 c4 6Cheorkee rememberer gamer98
Family bonding inb4 Dragur comes to wreck it all. Speaking of which I really really feel sorry for those boys when they become Ingrid's servants.
12/9/2015 c4 4IrisPatton
well I'm waiting for Hurt/comfort moments cause that means hiccstrid :p
12/4/2015 c1 Guest
Really good chapter, thank you.
12/6/2015 c3 IrisPatton
Thnx for the chappie :)
12/4/2015 c1 6Cheorkee rememberer gamer98
At least you do not pull a Valve and tempt us with a third part of the story. (COME ON ALREADY GABEN!) So yeah got to get back in the habit of reviewing again. And I have to get up and start actually posting things again. Anyways glad to know your back and hope to see more.
12/4/2015 c1 DisneyDragonRider43
Oh my goodness they're all grown up! And there's another one! And poor little Al. He has no way to defend himself that's so sad. Ingrid is certainly a mini Astrid, my goodness she's fierce! I can't wait for what will happen in this story! You've been writing for so long! You rock!
12/4/2015 c1 3Palmsandsunshine
OH MY GOSH! You made Ingrid into a complete maniac! I love it! But, I think you should go into detail about why she is crazy in the first place. And, I also love this third book. Keep writing.
12/4/2015 c1 4IrisPatton
Since I haven't read the orginal version of second crises so this was pretty gud for me :) thnks for the awsum chppie :p :D :)
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