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6/7/2016 c69 90wikelia
Gotta love the Tuffcup
6/3/2016 c67 wikelia
5/25/2016 c68 1JHawkins
haha poor hiccup always outnumbered
5/23/2016 c68 3NeonArt1
Hahaha! This was so funny and cute! I always love these little moments! So I'm guessing you're gonna need another villain to throw some conflict in there, right? But all in all, this was a great chapter! Keep it up!XD
5/23/2016 c68 90wikelia
Ridiculing Hiccup improves everyone's mood.
Also Hiccup will be the best mother ever, and the Hogfly agrees with me XD
5/18/2016 c67 Guest
5/18/2016 c67 3JEM48893
I really liked this chapter! Lots of sibling stuff! And Alvastor! Almost as cute as Hiccstrid Hope you can still incorporate my idea before you end this fanfic
5/18/2016 c67 3NeonArt1
YES! This chapter was so cute! I love the new baby! He's so cute!
5/18/2016 c67 5SeaweedOwlBrain
Babies are cute Ingrid get over yourself! This was a cute chapter can't wait for the next one..
5/8/2016 c66 1JHawkins
Not as bad as Fenrir's but still. FEEEEELS
5/6/2016 c66 That guest
ALL THE FEELS MAN! Well, Gothi was like, I don't know 1,000? Whatever, she was too old to live. But who will replace her? She's like the only person they relied on for health, safety, hypnosis, ect. But anyways, good chapter!

I wouldn't know what school is like, I'm homeschooled :P but I can imagine it! Keep it up!
5/6/2016 c66 Guest
This rocks
5/6/2016 c66 90wikelia
Love it! Poor Gothi, but hey, her staff-whacking lives on!
5/6/2016 c66 37Lauralkelley99
Wait so gothi is dead? Wow I haven't read in a while so I wasn't expecting that.
4/30/2016 c65 That guest-again
And yes! Lefties unite! They say people who are left handed have more of the imagination side of the brain and less of the smarts side. But hey, what do I know? Nothing. That's what. LOL!XD
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