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4/30/2016 c65 That Guest
This was Awesome! And the baby finally arrived! He's already so adorable! And I write poems sometimes, I don't know. I don't read poems, but I write them. I don't remember what the Fanfic was called, but it was terrifying. Another one I read Hiccup died in the army, I literally cried! I don't understand why people kill Hiccup! Anyways! This was great! Keep it up!XD
4/30/2016 c65 Guest
I'm so happy the baby is alright.
4/29/2016 c64 Guest
5/1/2016 c65 90wikelia
Aw, poor baby couldn't get his name in this one either...
4/30/2016 c65 6Cheorkee rememberer gamer98
The reason why there are more right handed people than there are left is because of the fact that many devices and objects are made with right handed people in mind. It also stems from various cultural beliefs that the devil does some of his best work with his left hand in fact early authors were considered demon possessed as they mainly wrote with their left hand.
4/28/2016 c63 Guest
I like the sibling part.
4/30/2016 c65 5SeaweedOwlBrain
Aweeeee Haddock 4 is official! Im so excited!
4/28/2016 c63 That guest
This is like a -would if Hiccup and Astrid were friends when they were younger and acted like this- sort of thing! It's so cute! I needed this, the last HTTYD fanfic I read ended with Hiccup getting his head chopped off, literally. It was terrifying and horribly sad! Anyways, yeah I really enjoyed this chapter! And yes, us lefty's are very awkward, when I first found out Hiccup was a lefty, I almost squealed; did I say almost? I did ! Can't wait for the time-skip chapter! Keep it up!XD
4/29/2016 c64 10DinoBoy13
Well got damn woman u got the language in that one. Booyah
4/27/2016 c62 That guest
Another awesome chapter! YES! Tuff and Ada are finally married! I loved this chapter! Oh! And that poem, your sibling is an awesome poet LOL!XD this cheered up my day! Thank you! Keep it up!XD
4/29/2016 c64 1JHawkins
Haha I KNEW you'd work the leg thing in there. need to stop giving you so many ideas. :p
4/29/2016 c64 90wikelia
WHOA, Astrid/Alastor bonding, labour, AND Al being traumatized? I LOVE IT!
4/29/2016 c64 5SeaweedOwlBrain
Baby Haddock! Astrid you confused the poor 9 year old.. (Hiccup lol)
4/26/2016 c61 That Guest
OMG! TUFF FINALLY DID IT! And I love Aloe so much! She's just too darn cute for me to handle! I love it! So, how pregnant is Astrid anyway? She never mentions it and neither does Hiccup or anyone else. Anyways! Great chapter! Keep it up!XD
4/26/2016 c61 Guest
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