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8/23/2016 c2 M'aiq the Literature Critic
You accidentally cussed in chapter two, my sides hurt.
3/8/2016 c2 11socialgirl378
Wow, these two slept like rocks. Bet it rivals Sans'. XD I didn't expect to read a story like this, but I find myself being okay with it.
1/21/2016 c3 TheKursed
This is amazing and I love it. At this point I would say "Thanks but the last talk I had was with Sans and that ended almost in my death so I'll just politely decline."
1/20/2016 c3 2InfamousVenous
Nyeh heh heh!

Ahh, you. You and your silly ideas, and always making me want to read more. Thank you! Quick question thoigh. What happens if they are awake in one world, but gone in the other. Is their body just laying in the spot they had last been in? What about a dire emergency in the Undertale world, and being on the verge of solving it, tense atmosphere and everything relying on that one decision... Only to have their Mom wake them up because it was spaghetti night? Just wondering.
12/13/2015 c2 1a random perrson
12/8/2015 c2 a random perrson
i love this plz more chapters
12/7/2015 c2 TheKursed
I don't know if this story will get much attention after all it's a little weird however I just wanted to let you know I've fallen in love with this story it is awesome so far and I hope to see more of it in the future
12/6/2015 c1 darkifiedluis
Very excited for the next chapter wonder what will happen ?
12/6/2015 c2 2InfamousVenous
Ah... You...

That was a very cute, and fluffy chapter. I really enjoyed it. Since the character can jump between worlds, could he add something to the game to help them out if needed? Like a program running in the background that slows time in game, etc...
12/4/2015 c1 InfamousVenous
No! Why would you do this!? My heart and soul are already raw from the raw emotions from this game! Why would you put them in word form!? This is how I felt! NNNNNNGGGGGGAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

Fancy pants. Looking forward to more, kind sir.

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