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for Sealkeeper: He Who Binds

3h c138 Apple424
It’s all good man unlimited overtime is awesome just keep us updated on how everything is going on stay safe man
4h c138 Martin-di-Arcov
take care of your life Man!
Kill those debts to pieces!
good chapter also
5/8 c138 Guest
SIX TWELVE HOUR SHIFTS?! oh u really bout ur money
21h c138 IndianaJohhney
Very nice. I look forward to your fortune and return.
23h c138 Benolition
Do what you have to do: work and life comes first. We'll be waiting patiently: Sealkeeper is definitely worth being patient for
5/9 c138 Fuyuriku
Thank you for the read.
5/9 c138 Death's-Touch
god this never gets old
5/9 c138 HayakuHayaku
No problem man, it's all good. You do your job and finish of your debt. Work comes before this fic.
5/9 c138 daniel2610994
Hey man no worries you be sure to work all you can to pay off the debts, that is way more important than writing for the fans, and besides you alreay put on hold the patreon payments for now so I don't see any problem, but thats just me so maybe the patrons won't like it, tho I seriously doubt anyone is gonna be a dick about it since you were honest and explained why upfront.
Anyway we finally got some mikoto back, hopefuly she stays for a little since oh boy narutos whole family has changed so much xD
5/9 c138 Phazer12
LOL Rasa and Kabuto bonding over humidity
5/8 c138 daddymoopoo
Good luck with your job, I'll be waiting!
5/8 c138 GrimStormWind
Great as always
5/8 c138 anthonym3
Ayyy, congrats on the good financial opportunity. I eagerly await your next chapter.
5/8 c138 ArcanaMaxima
...I'm not sure that it depresses me more that you thought the A/N was necessary or that you're likely correct.

Anyway...love the story, hope you get back to it soon, but obviously your livelihood takes precedence over this. Good luck!
5/8 c138 2Imheretolive08
Hope to see you soon
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