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for Sealkeeper: He Who Binds

5/5 c5 Guest
To the people pointing out its stupid that he just assumed that they left him just think about it his mother and sister leave one day without saying then his house locked him out and he got nowhere to turn to and cant rely on anyone since he us sheltered. This is just like when you got to stay in line in the grocery while your mom got back to find something, simply nerve wracking but in this scenario its way worse since he doesnt have the comfort of knowing when they will comeback then the house locking him out and no relatives or friends to turn to, it's easy to assume they abandoned you with all the proof pointing to it and he was still a kid even if he is a bit mature a kid is still a kid even composure of wise men cracks under serious pressure then imagine how he is holding it in and keeping sane in a world so familiar yet different
5/3 c17 kaushikgm21
i believe in the mai ship
5/3 c16 kaushikgm21
naruto is pissed
5/3 c6 kaushikgm21
oh my god the snake is here
5/3 c2 kaushikgm21
good Kurenai is soo pathetic
4/22 c75 PapaQuack
4/14 c54 Guest
Incredibly verbose, yet lacking any meaningful direction. The story is an endless loop of nothing, it’s like you’re scared of ending a story, so you just keep dragging it on and on... there’s no arcs to characters, there’s too many words that don’t do anything on the page (apart from keeping your word count up), and there’s too many stupid, asinine decisions from every single character. I would re-evaluate what you want in a story and start over, this time getting to the point and actually crafting a proper story, not... whatever this is. You’re a decent writer too, you just have to give up on all this strange edge that permeates every facet of your writing. Good luck.
4/16 c156 GrimStormWind
Great as always
4/13 c156 Golden Wind God
great chapter as always
4/13 c156 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter.
4/13 c156 6saiyan prince1
Awesome. Love the work like always.
4/13 c156 19redlox2
Pretty good chapter. I liked the yugao and asuka ascend where despite his attempts he crack or brush the fact that he doesn’t have anyone in Kohona who are actually in good terms with the wolves,
4/13 c156 Martin-di-Arcov
sadly, you lost the opportunity of having juugo and Kisame meet randomly in Yuki no kuni
can you imagine?
Juugo carrying the locomotive and Kisame looking like Travolta lost meme?
4/13 c156 1TheGreatBubbaJ
And so begins the Orochiacolypse.
4/11 c1 Valkyr0
A Naruto lemon fic has better plot than this thing
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