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for Sealkeeper: He Who Binds

6/7 c6 Black StR
Okay I have a serious question. I know this fic is either finished or abandoned, but does everyone who is an adult in this story have brain damage? Seriously Kushina could have just taken both her kids with her? She really had a home alone I forgot my son moment with the estate and realized she fucked up. Then decided lets not wait for a response to find out if my child is okay? Like I know she is supposed to be scatterbrained, but dude it's almost like she shouldn't be allowed to be around her children without supervision. Tsunade is depressed and suicidal so her saying she is in no place to raise a child is understandable, but fucked up. Kurenai... I don't even know what to say to that one. Kakashi is insane because who thinks ah my little brother just killed someone I'm so proud, oh he is hanging around a prostitute how adorable? Like wtf, but in a world where child soldiers are acceptable I guess it's not that strange. Hiruzen... man this is the most irresponsible man I have ever seen in my life. He could have nipped all that shit in the bud because no matter how strange Naruto was acting he was an 8 year old. He could have called kakashi, Kurenai, Mikoto, and Tsunade into the office with Naruto and been like I don't care what personal issues you have raise this goddamn child, but NOOOOO as long as he ain't mad at me it ain't my problem. I love this story it's just wow this story truly shows that raising children to be killers may have not been the best idea. It's a wonder there aren't more missing nin or people who flip out and start killing civilians in every ninja village.
5/10 c6 NemetsofAngmar
I don’t know if it’s sad or disturbing (probably both) that of all people it is Orochimaru and messed-up Kakashi who care the most about Naruto.
4/26 c32 2HunterEdge101
Hey just read the A/N before writing this. I don't think it will be important enough for a PM as the story is probably already fleshed out as is, but I felt I had to write this.

I really do like this story, and the writing that comes with it. The characters are flawed but is what a lot of works are made of, flaws. And that's fine. The decisions of the characters really are the only flaws I personally think your story has to it. I once got really far into story a couple months ago and forgot about it as I was swamped with responsibility, but I decided to come back.

While I still love it, the writing, the characters, the direction you're taking it, I feel there's something I have to address. I don't think any writer/author on this platform has to endure the pure harshness of the reviews this story has. While some, constructive criticism, others were just blatant harassment. I literally went on a twenty minute rant to myself on why anyone would think that they have the right to put something so demeaning onto a review meant for actual criticism. I just think it's disgusting that people think they can write something like that without any regard for the person they're writing it about.

You don't deserve any of that, especially considering this wonderfully written story you have created. I just wanted to let you know that you didn't deserve a lot of what has been said on here and to continue your amazing ass work.

While I don't have any criticism of my own to give on this, as I don't want it to be too long, I wouldn't be adverse giving any from one aspiring author to another amazing one. Keep up with the good work and you may find yourself a loyal fan 3

(If you were looking for criticism for anything, you can PM me about it. That's only if you want though.)
4/24 c8 1Lord Hooty
goona be honest, Kushina should DESPISE hurizen when she returns. he is purposefully fucking up and wording things to make it not his fault.
4/17 c65 Zero4590
Dude. Killing Kakashi? And making Yuga hate the wolves? Not cool.
4/17 c55 Zero4590
Jiraiya stay away from him! Do NOT help them. They made they're bed so let them wallow in they're sheets.
4/17 c48 Zero4590
What the hell is our Tribal Chief thinking?
4/17 c47 Zero4590
Game? No. But if it was you are already off the board and don't even know it.
4/17 c44 Zero4590
Was not expecting that to be meant literally. And when is Kushina gonna do something stupid again. I need something else to laugh at after all that darkness. That I enjoyed mind you.
4/17 c43 Zero4590
You really like your F bombs, don't ya?
4/16 c32 Zero4590
She wouldn't have been a bad choice for a love interest if you were to choose one.
4/16 c23 Zero4590
Kushina is playing a dangerous game. One she is wholly unequipped for...
4/16 c19 Zero4590
Now is absolutely NOT the time to be smiling. Unless your me and Kakashi.
4/16 c15 Zero4590
You are so in for a rude awakening Kushina.
4/16 c14 Zero4590
Kurama went crazy?
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