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for Sealkeeper: He Who Binds

4/16 c15 Zero4590
You are so in for a rude awakening Kushina.
4/16 c14 Zero4590
Kurama went crazy?
4/16 c9 Zero4590
3/8 c3 Sahamosveb
Character motivation isn't just bad, it's non-existent.
3/6 c110 Cicuta The venomous
i got this far awhile ago but just couldn't continue theres so, much, yap, its crazy
2/1 c175 Guest
But butter to see it come to a end, glad I found the story again
1/23 c7 Broq3Dud3
Till now kushina sounds like the biggest piece of shit-Mother…
1/21 c48 mrjordanriver
typo when the wolf comes down on Naruto's orders to confront the sand siblings. Temari is mentally deciding the implications of a wold anbu calling Naruto "Naruto-sama"
The mistake is that she refers to her brother as "Kabuto" when his name is "Kankuro"
1/18 c1 hirozerotwo267
Sigue asi
12/12/2023 c175 kiampp
Hmm I am not sure how I feel about that ending after such a long story. Very abrupt and so many side plots that fizzled out.
12/11/2023 c1 39Samswordsman123
Geez you can delete the pedo reviews you know.
12/4/2023 c175 GodudamaMaker
I have not read this in years, but I came back to see the ending and holy does this throw a wrench in the works. its kind of bittersweet to me as it makes all that happens feel so fake and with the weight of paper knowing that it can all just be redone over and over again. But at the same time that is the obsessive love of kaguya, wish it was more foreshadowed properly and used as a plot device tho. I will watch for that in the reread of this so I can really catch what I missed for a year. Great job in finishing this mammoth of a story, it wasnt perfect but its a vision that you carried out.
11/30/2023 c13 santos.luis.contato
Dawm... This world is so much chaotic than canon... The characters are so much more dark and psychotics than normal... Kakashi having an orgasm thinking about what Naruto could do with the Yamanakas? Dude... This is too much ... They are in the same village for crying out loud...
11/30/2023 c11 santos.luis.contato
Man, this story is so confusing... So Itachi killed Sasuke? And now they branded Hinata?
11/29/2023 c9 santos.luis.contato
Dude... This fic is pure chaotic... So much happening to Naruto... This Mito in his head, that just killed Naruto friend using his chakra chains... Really? Is he a Jinchuriki? wtf?
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