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for Sealkeeper: He Who Binds

12/5/2015 c1 WindyCitySlayer1
Damn naruto is gonna get lucky as soon as he is ready to do the deed
And can't believe kushina and naruko would just leave naruto by himself
Please continue
12/5/2015 c1 PR1M0RD1AL
The story description was very misleading
12/4/2015 c1 How to change avatar
Too young to know what sex is, way too young for puberty to have kicked in.
12/4/2015 c1 M.D. Hurricane
Hm, I wonder if Naruto will make a habit of making deals.
12/4/2015 c1 3ncpfan
Very promising start to this one. I find myself wondering if what happened really is what it seems, and Kushina and Naruko just abandoned Naruto and left him to completely fend for himself without the benefit of a home to return to - or if there's more to the story. Given that Naruto thought the world of his mother and sister, he must have felt loved by them, and Kushina, having been the former jinchuriki, certainly wouldn't think that Naruto's the demon. So I find myself wondering if there isn't more to this...

Eagerly awaiting more, especially to see what Kushina, Naruko and Kurenai are up to.
12/4/2015 c1 3The Sun's Cradle
I require more! MORE STORY!
*smashes mug on the floor* Another!
12/4/2015 c1 iitrnr
The idea's interesting. But you could have made the narrative a bit tighter. The Hokage comes to see him at the hospital, knows that he has a strange seal on him, and still doesn't have anyone watching him? Doesn't care to provide food and accommodation to someone potentially important? When he already knows that Naruto has nowhere to go? Readers are usually willing to go along with unlikely story lines as long as the story is entertaining. Same in this case. But doesn't mean that you couldn't try to make the story more believable. Anyway, hope to see more soon. Thanks.
12/4/2015 c1 blazenite104
interesting idea. not entirely sure what is happening other than the obvious connection to kyuubi and even his family doesn't like him thing, but i'm sure it'll make more sense down the road.
12/4/2015 c1 james0117
Damn you gone for years and it's a new story we get well at least it's something great idea and a good concept for sure can wait to see how this pans out
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