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58m c19 34OldSFfan
Your Wilson is the needier and more messed up of the pair.
5h c19 KKBK2
Thank you so much for the up date. Wilson and House have a long way to go to resolve their issues. Fascinating to be able to watch. Love how Cyrus is guiding them!
Looking forward to the next update, thanks.
23h c19 3Roseshay102
I'm so happy you updated this. My social work student brain has been all over analyzing these sessions.
7/31 c19 5harpomarx
Goody! Another chapter! And I'll be eagerly awaiting the next chapter...!
6/5 c18 2one-forest-fae
just wanted to say thank you for indirectly bringing this story to me (and other people). this was posted about seven years ago and you’ve probably forgotten all about it but yeah, thanks.
5/17 c18 Robin
Woo-hoo! Another update! These sessions are an intriguing insight into each man's inner feelings, fears and conflicts. Very well done-are you, by any chance, a family counselor? This felt so real, like I was sitting in on a counseling session run by a therapist. And for the first time, I feel a little more encouraged that House and Wilson will eventually find their friendship again, with Cyrus' help. This is excellent. Now, how about an update on your other stories (currently re-reading 'Through the Looking Glass' and would love to see that story continued!)?
5/17 c18 34OldSFfan
Well, that's a start toward repairing their friendship.
5/17 c18 5harpomarx
5/16 c18 3ViolettBlack
I second everything that Saroca said in her/his review.
I guess that the infarction changed a lot in House's and Wilson's friendship.
5/16 c18 1saroca
Wow! Excellent chapter and excellent writing. I would love for this to have one session that is House explaining just how bad his pain is and how much it affects his daily life to Wilson... I feel like that was missed in the show. Can't wait for another chapter!
5/16 c18 KKBK2
Excellent chapter. Cyrus really seems to have a good grasp of what it will take to get Wilson and House to being opening up to each other about their feelings and needs. Loved their interaction at the end.
Thank you, looking forward to more.
5/16 c18 2Kronos-xf
Woo hoo! I was so excited to see another chapter. And so excited to see where this is going. At the very least, even if they do not become best friends again, they are both learning something about themselves and each other. I love the direction. Also hope to see house interact with his other new friends as well. Thanks for coming back with this! I can’t wait to read the next chapter.
5/3 c17 Whyaduck1929
Wow! Great chapter!
5/2 c17 Rhastahippy
I’m so happy to see a new chapter. Wilson has not been as good of a friend to House as he thinks he has. He’s has as many problems as House. But he is worse because he doesn’t think he has problems. He has never been as loyal as House. Maybe House is the one who may have to move on. I am still hoping that they can work things out.
5/2 c17 Robin
Yay! A new chapter! This one was a bit harder to read-I am sensing some real hesitancy on Wilson's part to accept (a) that House really has changed, is changing, and wants to be a better friend; and (b) that he (Wilson) in fact isn't quite the perfect example of supportive friend he likes to think he is. Wilson always had that desire to be both the knight in shining armor and nagger in chief to House's 'bad boy' persona. Now that House isn't as needy, and wants to change for the better, Wilson is having a hard time gracefully accepting the person he claimed he always wanted House to be. It will be interesting to see if the boys can redefine their friendship within the new emotional framework of their present, realizing how far they have moved from their past.
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