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7/30/2019 c13 5harpomarx
What an interesting turn of events... I like it!
7/30/2019 c13 Rhastahippy
Oh my, I really loved this chapter. I really like that House’s new team of friends are still taking care of each other.
7/30/2019 c13 KKBK2
What a shame this happened right when thing were hopefully starting to resolve. Cyrus is turning out to be a real friend to House as is Simmons. And I am sure his empathy with Parks was appreciated. House deserves a break from all his stress. Looking forward to seeing how this resolves.
So nice to get this great chapter! Thanks.
7/30/2019 c13 34OldSFfan
Poor House. For once, he's doing everything by the book and gets hurt.
7/7/2019 c12 Rhastahippy
Nice chapter. I liked the talent show and Wilson’s meltdown. Glad House is going to try to keep the connections he made. He needs more people he can depend on.
6/2/2019 c12 Bakerstreet Blues
Glad to see you're back...

Nice chappie..

6/1/2019 c12 Sparhawk537
Excellent chapter, and segue to the end. Bravo!
5/31/2019 c12 OldSFfan
Poor Wilson. He has more growing to do than House.
5/31/2019 c12 Robin
SO GLAD TO SEE ANOTHER UPDATE! Too bad they didn't win the talent show, but they won a much more important victory-becoming a true group of friends that work with and help each other. House is beginning to see that Wilson doesn't have to be his only friend, there are others he can look to for support and friendship. It will be interesting to see if his new relationships will continue once they are back at PPTH. And I hope we get some insight into what the hell is wrong with Wilson.
5/31/2019 c12 KKBK2
A nearly perfect evening (if you don't count Wilson's meltdown), it sounds like everyone on House's team had a great time. Glad Cyrus offered the ride home to House.
Well done, thanks!
2/8/2019 c11 Robin
I have been reading your other House fic 'Rescuing House' and really enjoying it-but I hope you have plans to update this one soon. This story needs to be continued to completion.
11/4/2018 c11 ZRT6225
absolutely amazing story im so glad to see someone actually having a look at the causes of houses psychology and wilsons at time exacerbation of it i cant wait for the next chapter thanks for the brilliant work.
10/19/2018 c11 Bakerstreet Blues
Bravo! And thank you for the update...

10/18/2018 c11 Rhastahippy
Exciting to see an update for my favorite story. The trail hike seems to have sealed the deal with this team. I think House has made some lasting connections. Cuddy’s reaction was sweet. Wilson needs to see those pictures. My guess is that he will be so jealous. He believes he’s the only one who can be friends with House. Which is not a real friend.
10/18/2018 c11 Robin
This story is so good! House is making progress trusting in his group. Now if Wilson would just get his head out of his ass, things would be perfect. Sometimes I hate Wilson. This is one of those times.
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