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for The Letters (the 84, Charing Cross Road remix)

7/6/2020 c53 Vintervolf
This was very good in places and made me laugh. I think it ended too abruptly. It should have continued until after the wedding and honeymoon. That would have allowed for the creation of more humorous situations for the characters to engage in.

Another point. This story can *not* be found on Archive of Our Own. I searched for the title and the author, but nothing came up.
2/1/2016 c53 27The Eclectic Bookworm
And this will probably be the only crossover fic that I wish had been canon. Usually people do it kind of badly, and make it obvious that it's a crossover, like "oh look these people are meeting, what a surprise!" but you make it seem like their worlds were always one and the same, and that it's only natural that Snape would contact Anya about some herbs. I loved this story so much (even though I didn't review for a while, sorry about that).
The last paragraph was a perfect way to end this, by the way.
2/1/2016 c52 The Eclectic Bookworm
WEDDING INVITATION YES! And it's at Hogwarts! Awww!
2/1/2016 c51 The Eclectic Bookworm
The chapter title is gold.
2/1/2016 c50 The Eclectic Bookworm
Of course Cordelia would want to pick the dresses. I love that they're so close now.
2/1/2016 c49 The Eclectic Bookworm
Awwww (going to cut that off right there before the entire review becomes a prolonged aww). Everything about this is wonderful and I love it and it's wonderful and I don't even know how to begin to describe all the parts I love about it. That first part with Anya berating Cordelia about the leap of faith, the reveal that Severus had actually needed to shop at the Magic Box, the fact that he's so loyal...awww.
2/1/2016 c48 The Eclectic Bookworm
Giles and his troubles with computers. I love this so much. That and the way he speaks of Anya. And ooh, Severus proposed! I'm so happy about this.
2/1/2016 c47 The Eclectic Bookworm
Ooh. Meaningful conversation between Severus and Harry that's left to the imagination. So much of this is wonderful, because those meaningful conversations (when meticulously written out) annoy me sometimes.
2/1/2016 c46 The Eclectic Bookworm
I love that Willow and Severus aren't getting along. I can kind of see them rubbing each other the wrong way.
2/1/2016 c45 The Eclectic Bookworm
And you've just made a very good point. Why wouldn't Snape be prepared for cobra venom? He's a Potions teacher. Gah. Now this is going to bother me every time I read Deathly Hallows. The subject line is great and the Aurors are even better.
2/1/2016 c44 The Eclectic Bookworm
I like that she sends the second one later, after Cordy hasn't responded yet, like she's considered it and wants to tell Cordelia a little more of her reasoning. And it shows a lot about her and Cordelia and the kind of relationship they have that she admitted this to her.
2/1/2016 c43 The Eclectic Bookworm
Those last two sentences actually made me laugh out loud, which I don't do for most fics, so thanks for that. I love your Anya so much. And aww, she's thinking about children! I love how she handles her crushes.
2/1/2016 c42 The Eclectic Bookworm
Aww! Yay! Happiness all around! I love it when an AU combines logic and awesome characters to fix two upsetting storylines at the same time. Ooh, and Cordy's asking Anya about Severus...
2/1/2016 c41 The Eclectic Bookworm
Oh, so now Anya hasn't gone all demony! Nice work-around. Plus there's Cordelia being the awesome supportive person she is (and this is a review, not me fangirling about how much I love her, so I'll leave it at that). And more Halfrek. Poor Severus.
2/1/2016 c40 The Eclectic Bookworm
Ooh. Date. Who's the date? I'm quite intrigued.
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