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1/5 c6 Guest
Thank you for writing this. I realize that you probably won't see this comment as this story was finished several years ago but thank you either way. I have been struggling with myself a lot and unfortunately I found myself relating to the internal struggle, the arguments of Id, ego and super-ego. It is truly unfortunate how cruel your mind can be to itself, (other than the interdimensional traveling,) this is a very accurate representation of that struggle. This was wonderfully written, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
11/16/2022 c5 TryingNotToLurk
Hey, I don't know if you ever come back here, but I wanted to say that this story (and especially this chapter) is one I keep coming back to. I once spent a week trying to find it again after I accidentally deleted the bookmark ;

I just wanted to thank you for writing this. All of it. Especially the scene between teen!Stan and the hermit on the beach. We all have tangles in our hearts, and that scene helped loosen some of mine. And no mistake, the entire fic is intricately woven, from the characters to the setting through the plot, it's fantastic! 3

I wish you well
8/7/2021 c6 4Vi-Violence
I read this instead of sleeping last night and cried my eyes out.
7/2/2020 c1 12Elisheva94
Your story was great! I loved every moment of it! I found myself taking very deep breath has I was reading innot sure if it’s because I was holding my breath some times, because I was so sucked into it) Nicely writing and a fantastic ending. I kinda wish I would’ve seen that sort of thing in the show. Not exactly like that, but the Pines Twin going into each other’s mindscape and really talk out what happened between them. Great Job! Great story!
5/14/2020 c2 4DeadX Zero
I just realized something, Stanley probably see’s himself as a kid when in his mindscape, as a reminder of happier times. His mindscape in general is sad that feeling is there, watching Dreamscapesers I felt sad I mean the episode itself was sad. I’m fairly certain that ones mindscape isn’t supposed to be monochrome, blurry, in shambles and a bloody labyrinth.
9/27/2019 c6 DoctorJoker
This story is fantastic, and hit a little bit to close to home with me, if I'm being honest. Read this whole monster in one sitting and had to pause during the last chapter to brawl my eyes out. Smashed right through the walls to my cold, emotional repressed heart. It's been a long time I cried like that.

Good job.
8/28/2019 c6 6aquagirl555
Just finished and I loved it. Both boys had issues and neither was compleatly right or wrong, and that was shown clearly. nicely done.
7/16/2019 c6 126detectivejigsaw
Phew; I worried for a moment that you would trip us up at the finish line and actually kill off Stan. If you had, I would never have forgiven you. So I'm glad things ended well after all.
This was so intense; I loved it. Even though it was also really painful in some parts.
So good job.
7/16/2019 c5 detectivejigsaw
Aw geez...
I'm not exactly crying, but I am actually tearing up a little bit.
Take that as a compliment; that almost never happens with fanfiction. Of course, I could just blame hormones or something, but I prefer to blame your spectacular writing skills.
Because it seems pretty genuine that Stan IS in that high an amount of pain, and while hearing Ford say sorry is probably just the beginning step to the healing process, at least it's enough for now, huh?
Beautiful work.
7/16/2019 c4 detectivejigsaw
Holy Mother, this chapter was great. In a really heartbreaking kind of way.
My favorite part is where Ford finally yells that he wants his brother back; it felt for one small moment like he might have made some progress.
I really, really hope this can end well, otherwise I'm going to be very depressed.
7/16/2019 c3 detectivejigsaw
This is intense; I can't breathe.
7/16/2019 c2 detectivejigsaw
Do we really have to spell it out for you, Ford?
If self-esteem were water, Stan wouldn't have enough of it to reach his ankles, thanks to years of basically viewing himself as a worthless clown who ruined everything for you. He's spent a long time without any kind of real love or emotional support, and it appears to have done very terrible things to his psyche.
He needs help, man!
6/29/2019 c6 GravityFaller314
This story is completely perfect! It was amazing how the raw emotions of both of the twins were captured so beautifully, and it was definitely worth the read. By far the best fanfic I've read so far.
8/3/2018 c1 Guest
I can't help it. I laughed-actually laughed-at this line: "As satisfying as it would probably be, we're not going to win this battle with a left hook." You absolutely have to appreciate the irony there.

Here goes a second run-through. Why not? I loved the story the first time. It's one of the few fanfictions I find myself getting excited to re-read.
5/25/2018 c6 Carter
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