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for Ancestral Power: A Tale of a New Storm

7/21 c9 Arthanos
Fantastic story. I hope you update again. till the, take care.
7/17 c9 1willow1996
Really good hope you update soon
7/15 c9 Ten no shiroi akuma
started very good and ended very bad
7/13 c7 16Luciendar
There have been wars in the other continents. Alvarez especially. I don't think it was even fifty years ago they tried to attack Fiore.
7/13 c3 Luciendar
How did Mira peel the potatoes? Wasn't her arm broken?
7/8 c9 Marvelous Pathetic
Damm 2 years hiatus huh... well I can wait, nice chapter.
7/8 c8 Marvelous Pathetic
Lol wtf is this. This is believable. Nice chap, will wait for more. Thanks for making an original arc/story line it’s very interesting and nice to read. It’s better than 20 variations of Emperor Lyon arc.)
Thanks for these quality content.
7/8 c7 Marvelous Pathetic
I read it till the end...just take care of your life first, this should be a hobby really. A very very awesome hobby for other readersNice chapter. Take care! (Love your humour, and Laxus with more than 2 emotions is interesting to see.)
7/8 c5 Marvelous Pathetic
Nice! Like the jokes and humouring this chapter.
7/8 c4 Marvelous Pathetic
7/8 c1 Marvelous Pathetic
Very interesting first chapter. nicely done.
7/4 c3 Dave
Love the food wars names lmao
5/29 c9 Loquin
Glad that you keep writing, very good job!
5/26 c1 kirosyamcha
its always sad when hinata is always forced apart from naruto when she loves him. can never see a story where she actually goes with him or something :/
4/18 c2 Vactican
just how stupid dis naruto? smh
take natsu anger on you? what are u masochist?
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