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3/21 c41 Guest
A wonderful well written story! Loved it!
5/10/2022 c8 Guest
This is absolutely amazing.
5/10/2022 c4 cass
WOW...if only that kind of honest and direct discussion had happened! You're hired.
5/10/2022 c3 cass
Having a Castle resurgence and found this story. It's terrific! Can't wait to continue.
11/19/2021 c25 castle2126
Seriously the way you wrote bruke prognosys that when they speak the truth in between he can have kate turn their session in private room, that's clearly the sign of tilting towards Beckett's perspective and her best outcome of situation, so why they were there with Castle when they will probably use half of session with Beckett because that's not a couples therapy. And lastly where was bruke when he treated Beckett and she made all the decisions of benefiting her only when she hide the fact that she remembers shouldn't he have made her do homework to have Beckett talk to Castle without subtext. Clearly he is working in Beckett's interest more than Castle's. They should have different therapist for counseling session.
11/19/2021 c10 castle2126
"Yes, we know from canon that Kate has pushed Rick away a number of times when he was trying to help, not recognising earlier on that she needed his help, BUT that was a learned response from her early life – she could rely on no one else, everyone else left. It would be very hard to trust someone, especially with his track record on the surface, when you have experienced that abandonment."

Seriously are you that hypocrite. With his track record its like saying that his failed marriages were hi fault or that Kyra had left was his fault. What kind of pathetic wife Beckett is when she doesn't know why his other marriages failed.
And as hypocritically analysis the life Beckett that due to her mother's death (she had become the hollow and selfish women that she is in my opinion)
So as you mentioned Castle track record why didn't you took the time to analysis his life that how he was abandoned by his father and not always available mather, a girlfriend who abandoned him, a ex wife who cheated on him and left him to be a single parent, and another ex wife who treated their marriage as a business partnership and the love of his life who had always been presumptuous and who thought he was always at fault and make snarky comment, and berating him every chance she get and shred his heart into pieces everytime he thought things were good and they are heading towards a better future.
So yes kate beckett doesn't deserve him she is so lucky that he is so patient, selfless and wear his heart on his sleeve for her and she always took advantage of that.
7/28/2021 c41 Jbug47
A delightful, soul searching story that I loved reading! Thank you for your hard work!
6/8/2020 c19 Shit story
Lol u cant write for shit do u watch the fucking show u dick I think u should watch it again rick wont have givin in that easy this is nothing to do with rick if kate it u and ur shit mind
4/16/2020 c23 castle2126
Oh cur the crap after what Beckett put him through and after she told him about lanie talking to her and getting shot. And then she goes to him saying he had been misusing the room to run seriously he doesn't want to say something to her that he would regret and here you are making Beckett victim again. Please grow the gell up. That women doesn't not to complain about anything about how her confession Rick is taking.
4/16/2020 c7 castle2126
Ok I get that you're all for constructive criticism. But her you are on social platforms and people are going to write what they about their favorite characters and how you're playing with them or how they are playing their role in stories and you can't deal with that you should stop writing wrongs with the characters. Or simply just don't post them.
4/6/2018 c41 1AngelLonginus
I enjoyed this! Thank you!
3/4/2018 c41 Guest
i just loved this story u r very good at these stories
3/4/2018 c10 Guest
10/30/2017 c41 Deb838
Great story. Thanks for sharing
10/17/2017 c41 malleys8
Fantastic! While this story starts at season 7, you have created a virtual compendium of the beginning-to-end-history of Castle and Beckett; along with backstories and side notes. It was a wonderful read.

I don't know what if any, agreements FanFiction authors make with the website for broadcasting their materials. If under the agreement it is possible, I sincerely recommend you farm this story out to potential publishers(or, if you have the funds, publish it yourself). When this happens, please let me know so I can order my copy. It was worth every minute spent reading it.
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