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1/10/2016 c10 Andimcc
Great chapter, thanks for the update.
1/10/2016 c10 81Garrae
Ok, Alexis's "No" makes sense in the context, as does Martha's. Nicely put together to be consistent without simply being a punishment.
1/10/2016 c10 CWT
Why are you writing as if Kate 'finding' Rick means anything or signifies something important? You have Alexis and Martha speaking as if he has been kidnapped and they are asking Beckett to save him or something lol. Wasn't the whole point of Rick leaving to protect himself? What has really changed from either of Castle or Beckett's P.O.V that would signify that her thought process or priorities have changed?

I mean look at the events of the story, Beckett was given the very first opportunity for her to put Castle 'first' and yet instead she runs off to try and solve the case once Vikram gives her something new to run at.

Why should the reader buy Beckett wanting to find Castle all of a sudden? When she just proved like 4 chapters ago that the case still comes first. Why are Martha and Alexis so open with the suggestions/guidance for her to go find Rick when NOTHING has changed her behavior?

You did actually clear this up a little bit in your authors note when talking about how her addiction/OCD is an ongoing process, but you can't really set up a situation where Castle leaves to protect himself, and then after showing the readers signs of her still putting the case first...then go and have her want to find Castle any way 4 chapters later.

Her actions and her words don't correlate at all in this story. A wake up call doesn't change her behavior, it doesn't reinforce any sort of proper belief that she will be "staying forever" as per Castle's request in the letter.

There has been no growth by Beckett, there still hasn't been any sort of consequence to her running at the case again in chapter 6.

I understand her problems don't get fixed in a day, but she's proven nothing. She is nowhere near what Castle wants from her before he asked her to go find him.

I just don't get the sequence of events.
1/10/2016 c10 KB4RC
Hmm I think your comments at the end will stop me from reading the remainder of your story. I have always wondered how forgiving people like you would be or the other readers that beg for a reconciliation. If your spouse just walked out on your marriage, one that you thought was a happy one, without explanation, you are seriously saying you would just take them back?

I am sick and tired of her using her mother's excuse for every fuck up she makes. My wife died in 2003 unexpectedly. I loved her more than anything in this world, yet I am not a friggin mess. What killed her? Not even the coroner knew so in a way I am without closure myself. But she has been using her mother's murder as a crutch for way too long.

People also forget that maybe Castle has his own issues. Raise by a mother that often left him to his own devices. No father. Kyra who leaves him for a job in london. Meredith who screws around. Gina who marries him for his status and now Kate. She also left him for a job in DC. Then leaves him again in season 8 without a reason. Keep in mind she didn't tell him about DC either until he found out on his own. Women betray him. No matter how much he gives of himself, they continue to betray him. Yet you think he should be so supportive over her issues. What about his? Did she care about betraying her husband? Did she forget her wedding vows of in life and crime? Oh poor Kate she lost her mother so she gets to act like a total bitch to everyone, including her husband.

I had hoped this story was going to be different but your comments says otherwise. He will take her back the minute she snaps her fingers. It is what he always does.

So good luck with your story.
1/8/2016 c9 24GeekMom
I just read the whole story today. Very interesting. In this chapter, I was surprised that Vikram dropped the investigation so easily, but that's probably because I think he's a double agent in canon. Looking forward to tracking Rick down.

Thanks for writing.
1/6/2016 c9 Guest
She's not in much of a hurry to find castle and fix things :/
1/6/2016 c9 Norman01
I was very surprised by Vikrams response about dropping it so quickly, as well as Beckett's, but let's see where this goes with them. Also, I have been very disappointed in Alexis and martha. Both seem to always give the benefit of the doubt to Beckett, but not to him. Alexis whole world was rick, and she pretty much abandoned him, Martha's advice has been shocking to me. Glad in this AU Alexis said no.
1/6/2016 c9 CastleFicathon
Oh my! Unexpected answer from Alexis!
1/6/2016 c9 Cymru64
Whilst I am very happy to see Kate try her best to get her life back I can't help but feel that it seems she's given in way too easy. After all, it took Jim five years to get over his "addiction" and she seems to have done it in a few months? Also, to me, it seems that this, Vikram character has given in just as easily. I am just wondering, if they can both give in so easily (or so it seems to me) then why did they go after Locsat in the first place? Its just way to easy and if Kate can do this now, what's to say that a few months down the line she won't change her mind and go after, Locsat again? Nice one, Alexis. It seems it's not going to be as easy as it might look on paper. Cymru64
1/5/2016 c9 2.0Always47
Hope she'll be able to sort out things between them
1/5/2016 c9 craspon
Looks like Kate may finally be following through on her resolve this time, let's hope it sticks.

I hope we see more interaction with Alexis. I think the show got Alexis' reaction to Kate's leaving completely wrong - Alexis should have been furious with her, but came off as indifferent. I appreciate stories that actually show Alexis caring about what Kate did to her father. I can totally see Alexis refusing to help Kate find Rick.
1/5/2016 c9 Madelynn one
I love this story. Thanks for writing.
1/5/2016 c9 kramerjp
Very interesting, very interesting indeed, I look forward to reading more soon and seeing how this showdown with Alexis goes!
1/5/2016 c9 Guest
This is really good but I feel like stories like this are at least partly fueled by partially pandering to the "make her grovel and beg" crowd. Like that's any healthier than the other extreme.
1/5/2016 c9 Guest

Now to the final line... I really hope Alexis is saying No because she won't tell. If Alexis simply doesn't know it's less powerful to me. Castle essentially told Beckett (in the letter) she could find him of she tried... Her response?

To take the easy way out, ask Alexis - and the easy way has worked far to often for her in the past. If she wants to put in the effort, she can find him - I hope Alexis knows that, wasn't 'ordered' not to tell, but is leaving it up to Beckett: find him of you want, but you have to work for it this time.

Frankly I don't think she should even try until she's been seeing Burke for at least month...
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