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for Son of Potter, Daughter of Black

9h c35 2FireRebel
I love reading and rereading your story, finished or not. So truly whatever works best for you is great.

However if you need a decision made, I’d say post as you go. It feeds the masses and allows you to get content out even if it’s unfinished.

Wishing you well.
4/17 c10 KumikoNakamura0212
I love the star trek references. It's my other favourite after Harry Potter that's not Anime. And as the series would have just ended at the time, it make sense that they'd talk about it. Albeit, I'd like to know how Tonks knows about it being Wizarding raised.
4/17 c35 AzogtheDefiler83
update already
4/4 c35 3TigerCritic
Ahahahahahahaha, you're back (kind of and hopefully in much better condition, best wishes). I will happily take anything and everything you're willing to give. Take care of yourself first and I'm ever excited to see what you have next
4/2 c35 Black-Warlock
well if you ask me, i would say update when ypu got chapter done, but that is my needy greedy ass talking.

pick what ever ypu like the most. if you prefer to finish the hole story before posting then do that. it is your story, you decide. take your time writong stories is good and fun but you own health is more important
3/19 c35 Visionless1
in answer to your question, do full updates only after completing. it saves on stress for you and makes us anticipate the next chapter. :)
3/5 c35 Kitten Arina
I don’t use that. But it is clear you value there opinion over there more then you do here. I wish that you would have updated here. I remember seeing this at A03 but I forgot what your screen name there was and I haven’t seen hints of it being updated there either. And I find that to be annoying because this was something that I had really gotten into. I find it tiresome that FanFiction keeps acting like there is an update to this story when nothing has been touched. If I was on my computer I wouldn’t get this notification but on my iPad using the app it says there something that changed in the library and I have to go looking for a red dot. And it is almost always due to this story even though there has been no changes since this chapter asking for our opinion.

I am personally tired of this. It would be nice to see something after the constant waiting!
2/22 c35 Vet7Years
Ok, I've been glued to this story all day and for it to stop right here?! Nooooo! Please write more when you're able. I'm adding you to favs and follow so I'm kept up to date on this.
2/21 c35 14BiGDeal
Please update soon and best wishes for a continued recovery.
2/20 c35 GalaxyBladeX
The second option, if you will.
2/16 c35 2L0stMarblez
This story is awesome and I can't wait for the next chapter
2/8 c23 Sebine
Your grammar needs work
a lot of work
2/6 c35 CalmWinds
love this story hope it gets finished one day
2/2 c35 IsakDemn
hope for more here, and i lt doesnt matter if you finish the story first before uploading all chapters or update sporadically
1/29 c29 Shilmizta
This is really interesting
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