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9/8 c1 Guest
Ok yet a few errors in it. Naruto world one has 1 continent with tons of islamds. The moon was broke before dust was first used. How did Naruto live so long. Even asleep his body would age. How could non chakra users beat ninja? Seriously everything uses chajra. The guns are 15 second reloads that are chakra powered. Computers are seals plus some tech but chakra powered. The train in spring/snow was steam powered. Kunia launchers are chakra powered. 1 chunin ninja can move faster than a civilian can see. Seriously needs work.
6/4 c3 clayfun2
he's going to beacon... I'm out
5/13 c32 taiwoeretan1
Too bad it's discontinued, it was a nice read.
5/4 c1 1JManM
It looks like accomplished a cool fusion here.
4/24 c4 Amargi'sNodachi
Naruto’s edge cut my soul
2/25 c32 F
11/30/2020 c32 AJtheGreat332
11/12/2020 c16 Guest
I... have no idea what to think. It really hurts to see Naruto dance between two girls. If I was in his position, I would have chosen long ago.
wow, Just wow
8/16/2020 c14 scyfly
naruto must be pretty concerned about this invasion, so much that he is letting it happen as if he cant stop it. and lets not forget cinder
8/15/2020 c8 scyfly
the way you use aura is different all the time. sometime its a passive defence and other times it needs to be done manually or at least ig wont work passively, ive never actually read you manually activating.

honestly this whole story while exciting is complete trash
8/15/2020 c6 scyfly
folllwing rwby canon having naruto channel kurama would attract grimm
8/15/2020 c4 scyfly
it seems your version of aura isnt a shield so much as chakra fortifiex body
8/15/2020 c2 scyfly
this is really bad, these two verses cant be done on the same planet within such a short time.
naruto is all but a god he is only here to give humanity a second chance, this despite the fact that he has been watching for a 1000 years.
worse still we all know remnant, and i can definitly say that world is not worth saving, aside from ruby that is. you live in a world that is under constant threat of the grim yet still humans find the time to fight eachother or the faunus? ofc this would mean applying logic to remnant and that is a death end besides magic their whole history is impossible. and you just made that worse.

any wonder you abandoned this
8/15/2020 c1 scyfly
de-atomizing... thats almost a double denial. atomizing is to break all bonds of the atoms and letting them go (think of turning to dust but very small) so de-atomizing is what? the opposite?
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