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12/13/2019 c32 Revan
Can continue this?
Cause it great story you know
11/12/2019 c2 GG157
Best explanation for a no Jaune Beacon I've seen so far. Kudos to you
8/13/2019 c32 Guest
7/30/2019 c25 1VyLeLi
Honestly, the Blake pairing is kind of unsettling and unneeded to me. As of this chapter I don’t see any major plot advances caused by their “relationship”
6/23/2019 c32 Guest
sellout and a quitter? Great.
6/5/2019 c32 Ato
Tyt writing the next chapter I'm in love with it
5/29/2019 c32 hiddensplinter
5/18/2019 c32 GrumpyGrue
That's fucked up Naruto. Trying to joke to Pyrrha about going to Blake for girl-on-girl action, when Blake told Naruto she tried killing Pyrrha. How is Pyrrha supposed to feel comfortable around a girl that would tear out her jugular if they ever got frisky?

The only F I'd press, is the Foot kicking Naruto's arse.
5/18/2019 c31 GrumpyGrue
Genjutsus for Neo if he really doesn't want to touch her, but make her think they've gone at it for days. That way, she can be happy, and he can blame not putting a kid in her, on some kind of fake ovary diagnosis when they go to a doctor that's a shadow clone.

Still unfair for Neo. Yandere love is so pure.
5/18/2019 c30 GrumpyGrue
If the moon were ramen, it'd be ramoon. But all they have to eat is cheese.
5/18/2019 c29 GrumpyGrue
How is Naruto a scumbag for not telling Blake that he intentionally botched an assassination on her ex, and giving her most of the picture but not all of it? That's not scummy, that's good sense. Blake doesn't have what it takes to kill a warehouse or dock of White Fang, so she really isn't going to like Naruto killing Adam's camp.

Blake is a bint that wants to have her cake, and eat it too, while the peasantry around the Marie Antoinette that Blake is, clamors for a solution even if it involves violence. Blake is a hypocrite, and a selfish girl who is fine with her extremist group killing and hurting everyone else, but when the terrorist faunus set themselves up for execution, suddenly everyone other than White Fang has to play nice? WTF? Not like the grimm won't cleanup the survivors that a growing White Fang organization brings with terror attacks.

Naruto is an idiot if he's self-deprecating for letting her come to her own conclusions, when he updates her on what his "informants" tell him. Because if he didn't make attempts to herd this cat, she'd go off and fuck things up for everyone else worse than they are, or get herself into some deep shit.

Neo has been good. Too bad she wasn't rewarded like in her sexy daydreams. Naruto should dump Blake, and officially pick up Neo.

Oh wait, he probably won't now. Because Blake finally did something, and it took Pyrrha winning, and being a gracious host to get the talk going. If it weren't for Pyrrha, Blake would still cling to that stupid double standard. Of getting pissed at Naruto for having some from Pyrrha, while unwilling to commit herself as a girlfriend, while he's perfectly willing to be a boyfriend. Welp, Pyrrha made her move, and is better girl, so Blake's too late to have exclusivity. Yet she still tried murder for it. There's always other double standards.

I'll keep fingers crossed for Blake fuck up, so a spot opens up in Naruto's conscience. It makes too much sense to reject Blake at this point, yet he's a blockhead.
5/17/2019 c27 GrumpyGrue
I like sugar, and I like tea, but I don't like Blake, no siree.
5/17/2019 c26 GrumpyGrue
Cat nature. Is that what cat faunus use to excuse attempted murder in the courtroom? Sure it was a duel she started with an unwilling and peaceful party...A DUEL TO THE DEATH! Damn it Pyrhha, speak plainly, so Blake can have her nakama status revoked by Naruto, while he goes 100% Pyrrha.

Did Raven have to deal with this shit with Taiyang and Summer Rose? Raven would be a better harem member than Blake! Professor Peach who is never around would be a better girlfriend!

Naruto is a horndog, to overlook that bit. May as well lump Blake in with Neo. Actually, Neo is better than Blake, because at least she is deferential and loyal. Blake is just a cat cunt.
This is like that chapter title from "Itachi, Is That A Baby?" A familicide is a better parent. Zwei would be a better girlfriend than Blake, and Zwei is a boy dog.

Blake even said that Pyrrha winning didn't matter all that much, meaning she can relapse in murderous rage. Training for round two, and to be selfish again. Not like she hasn't lied to lots of people before.
5/17/2019 c25 GrumpyGrue
Blake should lose Naruto in the upcoming conversation, that crazy psycho failed-murderess cat!
5/17/2019 c24 GrumpyGrue
Dead? Noooo...not the milf Kali Belladonna! And too bad, Yang missed her chance last chapter to stand over Blake and say she got knocked the fuck out. Pyrrha is too kind for her own good. Should have defenestrated the cat at least.
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