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5/17/2019 c23 GrumpyGrue
Cardin: 1,2...1,2,3 yeah! Put all them faunus underground, I do it all without a sound. Send all the faunus straight to Mountain Glenn, as they cry in vain, you can't stop the train. Who wants some? Don't come unprepared. I'll be there, but when I leave here, better have a faunus dead. Shoot that animal in its head. So now we stand on a corpse pile covered in blood, corpses of faunus, their skin now rugs. Crash into their CCT tower with a jumbo jet, this'll be a year that we'll never forget. 2-0-1-9 ano Monty Oum, race war, hang all the faunus from trees. As long as there's no consequences, lynching faunus is all forgiven.

The faunus can't be sent to jail, instead we'll send them all to hell, HOT. If you have a tail, I'll kill you all without fail. In detail you'll wail as I use a hamma, to beat up your baby mama. Shoot your faunbaby right in its face, I don't give a fuck about your race. Kill all furries, kill all scales, don't forget the feathered and sympathizers as well. Go to New Detroit, now it's on. Not really, it was bad all along. Faunus screeching every single hour, I want to grab my gun and say "HUMAN POWER". Hello, yello, take a look at this gun, and don't even try to run, BANG.

Adam: Uno-dos-three it's on, did you ever think what you're saying is wrong? Your song about faunus dying on your feet, as you kill them while shooting skeet. If you're on my block, I'll give you a beat, shot in the head, you'll hit the concrete. So you best hope we never meet. Or I'll leave your human ass beneath 60 feet. I'm the White Fang Leader taking over this beat. You're a human, ape, a punk boy. If I were a rat faunus I'd call you a goy. Should have left faunus alone, but you threw a punch, because we use kingdom welfare money for lunch. I'm breaking out my full faunus jam, I got a dozen kids, I don't know their names. I got a welfare check coming straight from Menagerie, I want reparations for slavery, so in case you can't see, I'll hang all humans from trees, we'll make a faunus society.

Cardin: Fuck that, I hate bulls and rats, and even cats, you ugly faunus are why I spat. You're all cancer, you're all flukes, when it comes to lynching I'm a duke. So I'll kill all faunus without a sweat, if you want to fight me I'd win I bet. Don't forget to kill all the faunus rights bitches, kill all the rats and steal their riches. Kill all Menagerie and the Vacuo slime too, kill all the gypsies like Sun Wukong too. Kill all of those SJW, and never choose to lose. Ha.
5/17/2019 c21 GrumpyGrue
Haha! Suck it Blake! You can be the mistress! Amazon overlady!
5/17/2019 c19 GrumpyGrue
I shadowed the sheriff. But I did not shadow the deputy!

Pyrrha shares fries. Blake tells lies. Pyr best girl. Blake is a churl. Fit Pyr does bicep curl, Blake does cat baths that make her smell like vomit hurl. Pyr looks classy wearing a necklace of pearl, Blake looks like a skank wearing a necklace of pearl.

Peter Gunn Spy hunter theme?
5/16/2019 c18 GrumpyGrue
Glynda: Now, I've been asked to come up here, get you both out of the closet. Man, this is some crazy shit. Why won't you all just come out the closet? And they said...
year 1 Teams: We're not comin' out the closet, so you can just go away.
Glynda: But everyone wants you out the closet.
year 1 teams: That doesn't matter 'cause we're gonna stay.
Glynda: Now I'm startin' to get angry, so I pull out my crop!
I'm gonna give you a count to three to open this closet door, one - I'm gonna flog you both, two - I'm gonna levitate some bitch, three...
(Door Opens. Glynda Enters)
Glynda: Now I'm in the closet. Now I'm in the closet too.
5/16/2019 c17 GrumpyGrue
Fall maiden cowadoody
5/16/2019 c16 GrumpyGrue
Sun is a bro. Said what needed to be said. He could have figured out in the end, that Blake was using him to make Naruto jealous, and decided that she was not worth that kind of tricky, insincere attitude, when he didn't stand in the way of the cray. But, he just might swoop in on whatever carrion is left. The sloppy seconds. Ew.

Blake is setting her self up for a yandere Neo shanking. Get em Pyrrha! She's a good girl, and trusting.
5/16/2019 c15 GrumpyGrue
Neo should have used her scroll to record that. Then she could send it to Pyrrha, Ozpin, Ironwood, etc.
5/16/2019 c13 GrumpyGrue
Pyrrha is better than Blake so far, though we haven't seen as much of her. Go down in flames BlakeFishCake. OTP is Pyrruto!
5/16/2019 c12 GrumpyGrue
Naruto is about that faunus equality. Blake is a hypocrite in love and war.
5/16/2019 c10 GrumpyGrue
Thought it was Sun being a voyeur, but it was Kaguya.
5/16/2019 c1 GrumpyGrue
No matter what, there will be people bitching about MCs being overpowered or underpowered in fanfic. I expect that I may too, but more if he's a doormat or does stupid shit. Now Naruto beating Yang at her own game, is satisfying. She is unscrupulous!
5/14/2019 c32 16Luciendar
This was funny shit. I loved that rasengan versus train moment. All of the random references were cool. I'm glad Naruto is becoming himself again. I think only hunting at Yang adding into the romance was a good move. I especially love how the characters have their own little jokes, Ruby's orgasmic love of cookies, Nora and her gamer stuff, and even Weiss who you ingnored for the most part. Thank you for this amazing story and good luck in the future.
5/10/2019 c18 4Silent Anu
WTF, half of this contradict itself.
5/10/2019 c11 Silent Anu
What's up with this American drama show vibe?
4/12/2019 c12 Spidersauce
I agree here very much. She'd kill Torchwick without a second thought, but Faunus get special treatment?
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