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12/8/2015 c5 10ultima-owner
so the chakra of the world is so filled with dark emotions it becomes the grimm, who have one task destroy.
12/8/2015 c5 darkmaelstrom456
OH dam its Blake haha nice chapter and love how he uses the truth seeking ball.
12/8/2015 c5 serialkeller
Pretty good, but naruto should be sending out shadow clones using henge to search for Cinder, not that he knows it's her at the moment.
12/8/2015 c5 1PanickingNoob
Yeah Nora indeed is Nora...I think she the only one who could rile Naruto up like that as little it last XD. As the same time really like how small interact but still nice occurs between Naruto and his friends though obviously this wont last long, wonder if there anything can still pose a challenge to Naruto this age and day though? I think even if all Remnant wage war at him they are about as successful as the Shinobi Force charge at Madara.
12/8/2015 c4 PanickingNoob
Interesting team interact here...and yeah it will be hellish days for Naruto's training schedule to come up XD
12/8/2015 c5 Alpha Stigma55
he should definitely go for velvet :D
12/8/2015 c4 serialkeller
The idea that anything can destroy a truth seeking ball and Naruto can't ever bring it back is ridiculous. Other than that, pretty good.
12/8/2015 c5 xirons
very good chapter.
12/8/2015 c5 Guest
Yosh, i knew it was blake. :) i just had a feeling. Night time, silence and cood shoulders. :0
12/8/2015 c5 Kuwu
Pretty cool story. Is going to be Naruto x Blake? If so, cool. It's a pretty good pairing.
12/8/2015 c1 Kuwu
Pretty funny.
12/8/2015 c5 6TheGrammarNaziIsHere
12/8/2015 c5 4Cerberus Kyuubi
the way you put it in the 1st chapter shouldn't the grim most likely not attack Naruto because of the fact he can use Nature energy and showing he is a true sage nature would not attack him.
12/8/2015 c5 1Thorfaxdragonkin
That is cute as hell
12/8/2015 c4 GarroshHellscream
Excellent story so far, really looking forward to future updates.
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