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12/6/2015 c3 Bionic Exorcist
I already am in love with your story also I want to know if you have any pairings planned or are you taking suggestions because my suggestion to the the pairing would be Naruto x 3 or 4 girls and if you take my suggestion the girls are pyrrha, Nora, Blake, and either yang or ruby your choice but you don't have to take my suggestion I mean while I like them in a pairing with Naruto especially Nora since it is so rare I have seen only two stories where she is in the pairing so far so that's kind of why I want her in the pairing but you don't have to listen to me anyway I can't wait for the next chapter keep up the good work
12/6/2015 c2 BANKAIZEN
interesting chapter
12/6/2015 c3 BANKAIZEN
12/6/2015 c3 Alter-Red
3 chapters at the same time? You got yourself a reader, bro. Anyways, I got to say it was interesting how you change the beginning of RWBY.
12/6/2015 c3 10ultima-owner
truth seeking orbs are so op
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