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6/2 c2 raidaxk
Now this is a crossover I like to continue reading.
8/10/2019 c2 godzillafan1
hmm interesting story so far so aside from akitsu and yashima is hayden going to get any other sekirei? well please some more chapters whenever you can.
2/16/2019 c2 DJatomica69
Wow, literally the only Dark Sector crossover on this site, and it's actually good... That's something you don't see every day, although it looks to be abandoned. Let's hope that ain't so!
7/27/2017 c2 ShortyMcCoy
Please continue.
10/10/2016 c1 Guest
You know, it's been a long while since I played Dark Sector and I never seen one decent story about it until now.
10/7/2016 c1 Sweetcarolina
dude you need to make more can't get enough.
10/9/2016 c2 Blood Spider 897
thanks for the update...
9/11/2016 c1 Charles
It's been a long time since I've played dark sector and I haven't watch Sekirei at all (well not yet but I will) having dark sector and Sekirei in a story like these is a good one,
So do please update will you :)
7/18/2016 c1 Blood Spider 897
more this story is great i am a fan of dark sector... please update soon as you can
7/3/2016 c1 13Orian 'Able' Relt
I, really wish to see a lot more of this title. it's great so far.
6/9/2016 c1 6Thespurgin
Awww... but this is really promising. It's so hard to find any decent Dark Sektor crossovers...
2/16/2016 c1 Unwanted Guest
Can I have more plz.
1/4/2016 c1 2Hercules8
Very nice! I love 'Dark Sector', awesome game! :D
12/14/2015 c1 honorablemerc
Oh my god i thought i would never see a crossover with these series and expecially one written very well i cant wait till hayden brings out the glaive. I will now impatiently wait for the next chapter please hurry
12/11/2015 c1 1drake202
You definitely got a unique idea here that's for sure Yu just got a few spelling errors here and there nothing a Beta reader can't fix I hope Hayden ends up replacing Minato though let's see how Hayden handles this crazy game
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