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10/22/2020 c3 Nad19
oh come on, this is no fun. I mean you tell us how powerful harry is but his mate is volturi, oh well maybe I am biased, but I think volturi is not amazing enough. just my opinion mind you
6/4/2020 c5 Guest
Me gusta tu historia.
3/30/2020 c5 Guest
Es irónico que se queje de los prejuicios cuando él mismo lo está haciendo con sus compañeros
2/22/2020 c5 stacyleedam25
Please update this story is so good and can't wait to see what happens next
2/7/2020 c5 stacyleedam25
Please update this story is so good and can't wait to see what happens next
12/2/2019 c5 1inuyasha16451
OMG. Please please come back and update this awesome story soon
10/5/2019 c5 Frost
9/2/2019 c5 Demonica-Death
More please!
8/21/2019 c5 Guest
7/28/2019 c5 Guest
Update please
uppdate plz
4/28/2019 c5 Hats24
I really love your work and I hope you continue it soon.
2/15/2019 c3 andjelija.nenic
Update more chapters about this story,because it's the best,extra and the great story that I was reading about it,and I am also starting to love and to like reading to this story. So can you please write more chapters,because I want to know what happens in the next chapters about it. THANKS SO MUCH FOR WRITTEN TO THIS STORY,thanks so much about it.&&&£££%%%$$$
10/1/2018 c5 Priscila
hola continua la historia porfis , me gusta muchoooo ;)
7/16/2018 c1 7jh831
story looks interesting.
though, why would harry be running. he is in america, the ministry has no power in america. or is he running from the american ministry?
however, i will not continue reading.
i am not a fan of slash stories.
i don't have any problems with them, they just aren't my thing.
i wish you luck on the story and hope you get many follows/favs.
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