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for Something to Fight For

6/20/2020 c26 Doomguy69
i'm honesty surprised on how good this story was...
10/31/2016 c26 ChildOfThSwrd
I'm not afraid to admit that i cried like a baby at the end of this, vary nice job.
i would like to give you a little tip most times when there is an ending like this you can cheat a little, by making a short side story where Kenneth lives, iv seen a lot of other writer do this it is usually a big success, once again Thank You for the awesome read, im going to look and see if you've written more stuff now. :)
8/21/2016 c3 Guest
Kukri, bro. If it's far enough to need a katana, then it's far enough to avoid.
5/25/2016 c26 1Husebad
I thought he'd kiss Ellie there at the end
4/19/2016 c25 donewithchronicle
please continue this!
4/3/2016 c24 JG76
I'm surprised Joel or Ellie didn't suggest cutting off the infected arm. Especially Joel. With 20 years of being in the infected world you would think he'd come across someone in a similar situation as Kenneth in the end of this chapter or even cut someone's limb off himself to try to save them. It was the first thing I thought of as soon as he was bitten
1/18/2016 c14 Shankington
There's been many instances in which you forget a word or type with improper grammar, so u should just double and/or triple check your work. I also think u should make Joel talk a little more southern-like. But I'm diggin' the way that Kenneth talks. The way he talks and narrates definitely represent his age.
1/2/2016 c10 Enigma5873
I'm not really good at giving critique nor anything, but I think that you actually did quite good. I don't know what you should improve, as I said before, I think that you did good. Enough gore, blood and emotions too. I'd say good job man. ;)
12/20/2015 c2 Shankington
Hmmph. This story seems promising.
12/20/2015 c6 Kevin Ruben luque
Loving the story so far, I also like that it is getting longer each chapter, keep up, I would love to see this continue
12/11/2015 c3 5Revanite201
Liking this!
12/9/2015 c2 Revanite201
Nice POV
12/8/2015 c1 Revanite201
Nice sneak peek

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