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for Oh God, am I the Mannis now? - GoTSI

3/26 c14 1prisc.silva345
I love this story is incredible and very interesting, I really liked it. Pleaseeeeeee continue
3/15 c12 3doRodrigo
Great chapter. I hope you keep up the great work and update it soon. Cheers
2/23 c14 26Cyricist001
This is a great story, it would be great to see the sacking of the cities.
12/4/2021 c14 Alejandro Arturo Ferro Figueroa
I wonder why is this dropped. shame
11/24/2021 c14 TitanGuest912
Do not have anything else to say, just that this story keeps on giving. I would love a new chapter. Thanks you for the giddiness!
10/1/2021 c14 yochan123
Jon Arryn is a fucking idiot if he doesn’t think this powder keg won’t run

If only stannis was the king man
7/24/2021 c14 Mation
this was an amazing read
7/23/2021 c2 18ProfessorPedant
Intriguing. I wish I knew more about the background of the SI. He is functioning at a pretty high level tactically, socially, and politically.

I grew up in the SCA fighting with sword and shield, studied history in college, and taught or consulted at half a dozen war colleges and defense universities worldwide, and I doubt I would do half as well.

You have a fertile imagination and make good use of the language and the source material.

I am enjoying the story and am looking forward to reading more.

Thanks for writing and sharing.
6/2/2021 c1 Guest
It seems to me that the mc shouldn't have reincarnated into a Baratheon. He should have become a Frey where he would fit in better.
1/2/2021 c14 15stevem1
This is a great story. I enjoy the modest industrialization which is in contrast to the main characters acceptance of being a feudal overlord.

Well done.
12/23/2020 c10 6Sam the binge reader
bunch of old goats!
12/23/2020 c9 Sam the binge reader
man this thing started going a crazy route the moment lyanna did not die of childbirth ...
now the targ and blackfyre working together? i mean viserys is a kid and dany a baby? jon too...
12/23/2020 c7 Sam the binge reader
damn so many stupid mistakes he did wow...
12/23/2020 c6 Sam the binge reader
lol alerie you dolt
12/23/2020 c5 Sam the binge reader
finally someone in an SI who give tywin what he wants...jaimie his heir back
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