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10/11/2018 c15 8PoodleCharlie
Gah! I loved everything about this story. Really well thought out, compelling, and a lovely ending all tied together. So relieved about the baby! Thanks for sharing.
7/2/2017 c15 35karevsprincess
This was so cute! Words cannot describe how much I loved it! Everything about it was perfect. I thought that it might've been Emily's grave, but I didn't dare to hope after all the cryptic comments you feed me over the past several months...You really had me convinced the worst was going to happen! Thankfully I was wrong. Carl was so adorable, Nolan and Louise were adorable...I loved every moment of this. I didn't realize that I was unintentionally grinning as I read until my dad asked me what it was I was smiling at!
7/1/2017 c15 LG
Ooooooh, you were clever there making us think Amanda had lost the baby, really had me going, such a relief everything was ok in the end. Carl was so cute. Loved Nolan and Louise you're really making me ship them. Thought Amanda and Jack were funny especially her getting moody and almost breaking Jack's hand, that's exactly how you can imagine it playing out! A little girl, how adorable, I love Carl wanting to be the protective big brother! Of course it's a beautiful moment for Jack and Amanda as well. We never got to find out what JDP stood for, maybe in the sequel perhaps? Or later down the line we will! ;) Great to have you back and I look forward to seeing what you come up with next be it a sequel or a brand new Jemily story, keep em coming, you're a fantastic writer.

Also Daiz, I don't know whether you'll see this but great to hear we will have another Jemily writer to read. I look forward to reading your stories. Woohoo!
6/29/2017 c15 daiz
I don't think a story has ever had me going back and forth like you did with the baby. I was so giddy with happiness that i was bouncing in me seat by the end. It was original and true to the characters. I want to thank you for sharing and as thanks I will let you know that I am working on two jemliy stories. While I don't think they will compare to yours they will hopefully be different then others you have read. The first is a fill in the gaps story since the last episode did alot of time jumping. The second is a what if emily sent char letters so as to not revel herself but at the same time not lie to her. I know the second isn't focus on jemily but there would be jemily in it. Anyways thank you for the entertaining story, I truly loved it.
6/28/2017 c15 revenge.addicted
Hello again dear! It's been so long I thought you forgot about us, but it's good to have you and your story back finally..I am really really really sorry for your loss, I know it's a very difficult time for you, so Thank you very much for taking the time to write again and give us this beautiful last chapter, it was beautiful to read and filled with many emotions.I am glad Kara Stephanie Porter is finally born :), even if I am a little sad that this story came to an end, but I'm sure you have more in store for us and I can't Thank you enough! Take all the time you need, I am sure everyone who read your stories will be still here ready to have more revenge and jemily feels xx
6/24/2017 c14 daiz
I cant believe that's where you left us. i mean you give us a tinny bit of hope that she hasn't lost the baby. then you make it seem like she has without really saying it. then you talk about assumptions making it seem like it could be either way even though its unlikely for the baby to have survived...unless its one of those situations where the doctor basically tells jack he needs to choose between the two. that'd be a killer, I mean can you imagine being told that your wife and child are find for now but if your wife carries to term it could kill her. Or something like that. Also how is it that Steve isn't there as well? And how long are Carl and louse going to be getting food? I could see Carl coming back right now and seeing them all crying. Then hug jack and demand to see Amanda. Only to run off one way or another whether its because they try not to let him see her or sees her unconscious scaring him because she is suppose to be the strongest his dad and everyone knows. i cant wait for the next chapter please don't leave us in suspense for too long.
1/22/2017 c14 susanemily
I really liked this chapter though the bad ending which I figured since your hints towards the story. I must admit that I dont like that she looses her child though I can understand your point-of-view from the authors view. The cliffhanger is great and crucial. It is like in season 2 in the episode when faux Amanda dies and you didnt quite know if Jack really will survive or die, too. So its Revenge at its best and I think this is a really great compliment for your writing. Though its sad that the story is going to end with the next part. What I liked very much was that you gave Nolan the chance to save the day. It was a really nice idea to give him this hero moment and the way you wrote it with his inner monologue was really good. I always loved how you captured his tone or even the tone and mood of Gabriel Mann in the parts with Nolan. And the combination with Grace was a nice twist like always in the flashbacks in the original show. I really appreciate how you kept this element of the show alive though the written story. And again I liked Charlottes part in the story. Though she was the least character I liked or even empathize in the original show I felt sorry for her loss of her baby - in the show it was really purely handled this storyline in the first episode of season 3 - and the new friend which could have been a new love interest for her. And I love the idea of her and Javier getting back together. Though her taste in man was very poor in my opinion he was the least bad person she dated since Declans death. And her reaction to Emilys child loss was very genuine more than I would expect from the actual actress since season 3 and 4. I am looking forward to how Emily and Jack will cope with this loss. It will be very hard to write this last chapter so I am patient and wait for a well written last part. Surely I have forgotten to write about a lot more but I hope you will miss nothing as much as I tried to write about all my impressions and thoughts about this chapter.
1/6/2017 c14 Guest
It's nice to know they finally got sure you want to kill the baby?It's cruel!Give the couple what they‘re eager for and then take it now that Amanda can get pregnant this time,maybe they could have another baby soon?And,the Lolan moment is excellent ,can't help smiling when I read their it's Nolan's turn to realize his feeling with Louise?He never mentioned anything about 't wait to see your next part!
12/30/2016 c14 karevsprincess
Sorry I forgot to read earlier, I usually read your chapters as soon as I get the notification in my inbox but I was out of the house all day Wednesday and it completely slipped my mind until today. Perhaps subconsciously I was trying to save myself from pain because...did you really kill the baby? I'd been worried about it for weeks and was convinced that it was going to happen but now...I just don't want to believe it. I mean, Amanda and Jack wanted a baby so badly but they thought they couldn't have one, and to give him the baby they wanted only to take it away? That is COLD, dude.

Also sad to hear about James but glad that Charlotte has Javier. And poor Nolan! Can't imagine what he's go
12/29/2016 c13 susanemily
Though I missed Charlottes part of the story it was a great chapter. I figured that Grace had to die but it was a great job in this chapter and the chapter before how you made us care for this character with a really nice backstory and great parallels with Emily/ Amanda. Though I didnt like her dying scene with Emily because she got too soft and weepy but I think the hormons got their way as you mentioned in the story before. Because in the show she never was so soft and easily harmed by the loss though she really suffered when the real Emily and Aiden died. But always with anger and rage you know. Liked the cliffhanger again and the plot with the snakes and the security system. Though your bad characters or antagonists are really one dimensial. Victoria Grayson was a different character she really had an impact and also good sites like the love for her children. This organization and the people who work in it or fot it are more like Malcolm Black in season 4. So its more black and white with no gray in it like the storyline with the Graysons and especially with Victoria. Anyway what I really like except from the obvious fact that we have more scenes with Amanda and Jack and maybe theyre little family in your story - I like the Nolan and Emily moments. You really capture Nolans tone and the mood and core of the original show with their relationship. Is always like coming home when I read the scenes with the two.
12/28/2016 c14 LG
That ending... I can't cope... you cannot leave us hanging like that is the baby really gone? Say it isn't so! Anyway up to that point; relief that Jack and Amanda were ok, good ol Nolan he really is the captain of our ship! I also love you referring to him as being Carl and the baby's uncle I always thought of him as that to them. Carl was soooo cute and all that stuff in the building with the bomb was like something out of an action film! Louise was brilliant as usual I swear you're channeling her direct from the show she's so spot on! This might sound weird but I liked that Jack had something that Amanda didn't truly understand (having killed someone) as she always made out in the show that no one could understand what she'd been through etc etc and used that as her excuse (also to protect) to push Jack away but he has something that she can't understand and it puts them on a more even keel, I liked that you touched on this with him and Nolan. Anyway great writing once again, I just really hope you get another chapter out soon because I cannot deal with that ending!
12/28/2016 c14 revenge.addicted
Are you really sure we are supposed to love you after reading this chapter? I am utterly shocked and I hope I misunderstood what I just read and it's just your creative way to make us suffer.. But as the masochist I am, I loved this chapter, with all the pain and the suffering of the characters..Nolan, Charlotte, Carl, Jack and Ams..But please please please don't kill the baby. Nobody can recover from this, I know I can't, so I am pretending that final moment never happened and tears and blood haven't been shed. And I am happy you involved also Louise, Javier (I like him with Charlotte and their interactions) and Stevie in this story. You are so mean and so good at writing and making us suffer girl! Btw Happy Belated Birthday xx
12/25/2016 c13 LG
OMG, I can't even...where to begin?! Ok well I loved the Jemily scene at the start it was so cute and fun and Jack was adorable talking to the baby. Then when Nolan caught them his reaction was so Nolan and I loved his reference to how they were in the show for so long. The stuff with Roxanne had me on edge, I'm glad she made the right choice in the end although at a cost but I guess not everyone's as lucky as Amanda. Also the 'Blue Ruin' reference was that to the film? If so it's a great film! That ending ahhh how can you do this to us I mean Jack jumping in front of Amanda is typical of him so romantic but now I'm left wondering what on earth has happened. Dying to read the next chapter now! Once again fantastic writing!
12/20/2016 c13 karevsprincess
Ugh you are so mean lol! You've been teasing me for months now and all I want to know is is the baby gonna die? Because I don't think I could handle it! Amanda and Jack had some cute moments in this chapter, I love when he's protective of her. And Nolan was funny, saying he missed the days when they just stared at each other wistfully. Good chapter, I hope you update soon because I hate being left in suspense! Oh and thanks for the shoutout yet again.
12/20/2016 c13 revenge.addicted
Darling you're so mean to us lol I can't believe you just did it again! I was happy to see you updated the story but now that I read the chapter I am mad because I want to read the next one and discover that everything is going to be okay and no one is hurt or dead, you have to promise me that Ams, Jack, Nolan and the baby are going to be fine, please! I can't deal with more heartbreak after Grace's death..I love the way you create the suspense and the cliffhangers so that everyone die to read more, you're mean (in a good way) but I love the way you write so I hope you'll post the next chapter soon, I need to know what happens next! I am sad the story is coming to an end but I know you'll keep writing about Revenge- at least I hope so- thank you for taking the time to write even when you're too busy, it's amazing reading about my favorite show and characters, I miss them so much! That said Happy Christmas and Happy early birthday to you, wish you all the best xxx
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