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9/17 c1 Comic Manga
bustard harem xxxxxxxxxxx
9/15 c2 Kiyan Tribe
So Mira was in a relationship with someone before? I know it's not impossible and make sense but kinda left sour taste on me sigh. Sorry
9/1 c47 Guest
To this day, I still have hope that you will return
6/23 c47 xeexoo124
Love this fic! I've never read The Fellowship or anything of the sort but this sparked my interest for it greatly, I cannot wait for the Alvarez Arc and how it will come to be!
12/28/2022 c7 1Gruntled Baki
I decided to give this story a second chance and I’m dropping it again. Why? Trash Gary Stu OC, trash romance, trash action scenes, trash dialogue, too much exposition, garbage backstory, nonexistent plot progression, unoriginal powers/abilities, overall boring narrative.
12/7/2022 c4 Gruntled Baki
The MC is kinda boring. The guy has all these girls that like him but he doesn’t actually do anything with them. Also, the tragic backstory that’s hinted at seems tryhard. Why do all OCs have to have super tragic, sad, and depressing backstories? Moreover, they tend to all be the same generally. Another thing, it’s seems like Strider doesn’t have any flaws. He’s the perfect good guy and gentlemen. There’s nothing about the character that pulls me in. Maybe that’s my preference where I just need a more realistic character but, Strider doesn’t cut it for me.

It seems like all the girls like Strider for doing and saying basic things. For example, he called Lucy beautiful. You’re telling me no one has ever hit on Lucy before that? I just find it strange.

I’m just going to drop this on chapter 4 mainly because nothing interesting happened so far. I want to give it a chance but all Strider did was walk a few girls home in the rain and go out on a race. The romance needs work. Same with character introductions. The author should ask, why should people read about my character over other characters?
11/13/2022 c20 3jubaigandhi
9/10/2022 c47 Guest
Man please update. This story is fire
8/11/2022 c47 GodsReader15
Fantastic read, I couldn't stop reading until I finished the whole fic. I hope you pick this up again because it's one of the best Fairy Tail fics i have ever read.
6/12/2022 c47 Acomodos
A beautiful story. I pray you plan on updating soon. I’m quite interested in how the Ishgar Cup will happen. Please, update when you can. However, no rush. I hope you are well.
5/17/2022 c9 cjnual02
Like the story so far
4/18/2022 c1 Guest
Your OC protagonist acts like he has the combined iq of a random special ed class, combined with a lack common sense and skills straight out of a japanese light novel.

4/7/2022 c3 Makimass
It's pretty dumb how he knows almost nothing about anything in general when he said he keeps travelling and learning things, wtf did he learned then? Was he looking at the grounds the whole time he's travelling?
1/29/2022 c14 Damian Hendriks
uhm? he have to wait for 7 years? what crap is that?! he will be older much older than the girls... i fking hope you plan to make him in a timeprison thing too...
1/27/2022 c12 Damian Hendriks
is this the part where they gonna stuck in time for... 7 years?
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