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12/5/2019 c4 25Nachtschwalbe
interesting read and i agree, milah didn't have nearly enough screentime
also i adore baelfire and the way you wrote his and milahs relationship 3
and now, reading the last few paragraphs i get milah/hades feelings... never thought about that pairing before...
5/3/2016 c4 andria
I liked how they got everything out in the open and that milah actually got to move on
5/3/2016 c3 andria
I thought this was very touching and kinda wished they would've spoken in her episode
5/3/2016 c2 andria
so glad milah and neal made peace with each other I wish we saw that on the show
5/3/2016 c1 andria
this story sounds interesting
3/19/2016 c4 Mari Wollsch
lovely xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1/8/2016 c4 Shel
It would've been nice to see the minor exchange with Emma but I really liked this peek into Milah's experiences and thoughts...thanks for sharing...
1/9/2016 c4 14Ruby Jolie
I love, love, love this story!
Especially the ones with Hook and Rumple.
I can imagine how much Hook had loved her.
1/8/2016 c4 9catwjl
I really enjoyed this story. I gave always had a soft spot for Milah's character and love the story that you had given her. She was a woman who made mistakes and it was nice to see her accept those and be able to move on.
1/8/2016 c4 52Moma bear Emma Swan
Aww I wanted to met Henry.
12/28/2015 c3 12fox24
So sweet. I am a cser but I always had a soft spot for Hook/Milah. I am glad you did them justice
12/28/2015 c3 52Moma bear Emma Swan
more soon!
12/28/2015 c2 Moma bear Emma Swan
How sweet ! I'm not a Milah fan but glad she made amends with Bae.
12/28/2015 c1 Moma bear Emma Swan
Great start!
12/11/2015 c2 Guest
I love this idea especially the person being Milah. I hope part of Baelfire's story was how terrible her lover, Hook, was to him. I would loved for Milah to chew Hook out.
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