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for The Dark Hours Of The Night

8/30/2005 c1 11Renuki
*Blinks* You know... I kinda have to agree with Dixxy Mouri... that one with the sword does seem like Frog.

Though, I don't he really talk like that... Sure, He talk in old english, but not like that... I think...O_o

Good job. :P
1/11/2003 c1 skahducky
Woah this was really good. When I read the summary I was thinking it might have something to do with the plot of the game but this was really good anyways.
1/10/2003 c1 53Dixxy Mouri
Hmm. . . yay! It's a Glenn story!

For some reason I get the impression the leader of the demon things is Frog from the way you set up the sword and especially the accent. I could be wrong, but hey.

Front gates? Yeah, the "only" way in. Tell *that* to Serge. *snickers*

For some reason, the numbers of the fears seem to be fluxuating a bit oddly, but it might just be me going blind or something. Still, anyone else get this impression?

The end gets a little bleh with the grammar and spelling, but aside from that it's a nice play on the phrase "facing your fears". Unless, of course, you actually fear shadowy dream demons that speak in Old English ^_~

Nice job! Keep up the good work!
1/7/2003 c1 1Uftaki
Ooooh, wow... This was very neat! The wording and the imagery of this fic was lovely! You have a very good grasp of how to word a scene, and of pacing... Great job, and a neat Glenn piece!
1/7/2003 c1 9mystlady
*grins* I love this and very well written. I hope you add more chapters to this fic!

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