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5/6/2017 c1 Guest
There are different generations for Romeo and Juliet
18th century : Marie Antoinette and Count Fersen
Yes, the ill fated Queen of France infamed for hrr phrase Let them eat cake. Her romancr with the dashing Swedish count also contributed the downfall of the French empire
19th Century: Anna Karenina
The greatest Tolstoyian love story. Anna is a woman trapped ij an unhappy marriage, and fell for thr most scandalous man in the history of literature. And the story went downhill. You get the picture
60s : West Side Story
The Jets and Sharks are entirely different races: Whites and Hispanics. If you read anything about the Cuban war, the Sharks are victims of the Cuban war so that's why thry hated the Whites so much. But then Maria thought the whole thing was pointless and fell for Tony Wyzek, the leader of the Jets. Although the two lovers did not get married, Tony died tragically by Chino and that is already tear jerking enough. The whole musical is an entertaining classic.
90s : Titanic
The saddest stort ever. A poor artist falling for a beautiful socilate. You know how thr story ends
00s : Anakin and Padme
Before Star Wars, there were Leias ill fated parents. Anakin was a few years younger than Padme, but they lovr each other so violently it drove Naboo to a dark path. The tragedy does not lie in death, it is society that doea not allow them together.
10s :MCU
Peter Parker is a normal high school boy living with his Aunt May, when Medusaliths spider snucj to the human world and accidentally bit Peter in the wrist, resulting his spider like powers. A few years after his debut, Mary Jane, the youngest child of a Southern colleg professor moved to her aunts and the two hit off a classical high school relationship. Peter is not rich, while MJ is the queen of Manhattan and a trendsetter. The only difference to thr comics id that she hates Flash, has no romantic feelings for Harry and already charmed by Peter sincr day one. The whole story ia fun, entertaining, hilarious and classic!
Loki and Sigyn
The most poisonous romance in history-even more so than the original myth. Sigyn wad the virginial Goddess of Spring and thr youngest of Freyas w daughters, before Loki came back to her lifr and their romance is the maij cause of Ragnarok. They cannot be together, they cannot be apart. When they did a uge force that hild that can never be. Other fevastating problems like Sigyns vontrolling mother and Theoric, a handsome suitor who is set to KILL Loki. This caused-eventually- to have Sigyn kill both Theoric and HET OWN MOTHER. UNBELIEVABLE.
Pietro and Crystalia
This is my favorite version. Pietro is a lost Prince of Vampires and a fotmer expirinment if HYDRA, while Crystalia is a princess of Inhumans living a pampered but lonely childhood. In Infinity War, they met and romancr starts to blossom. Crystalia is convinced that Pietro is the Chosen One to save all of the Inhumanworld while it was she all along. While Pietro taught her life outside royalty, she planted the seeds of kindness he had not had fir so long. While Tony Stark is still the main hero, it was she who is the real behind the acenes hero, patching up the lost remains to fight Thanos. Crystalia is so beautiful and so alive, any other Inhuman looks tepid compared to her. And Crystalia has such courage abd wisdom that it made even STEVE ROGERs head spin! This is an enchanting story of anti racism, love, social tension and right or wrong.
There ar emany more, lik Aladdin, Pride ans Prejudice and BATB etc. Im just gonna lis tthose which I think is more like the original

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