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for Gokaiger of Zero

2/26/2016 c3 3PersonaQeminod1
I had a feel that the golden sentai of magic well ve the first to access.
1/31/2016 c2 Kamencolin
Keep up the good work
1/14/2016 c2 6gundam 09
Nice please do make the next chapter long, good and soon.
1/5/2016 c2 brave kid
1/5/2016 c2 16Kaizer Daozang
A good chapter.
1/5/2016 c2 3PersonaQeminod1
Hope we see some Rider key in the mix of sentai keys
12/11/2015 c1 PersonaQeminod1
Can't wait for him to change to the wizard form.
12/11/2015 c1 GXY-2013
A new Super Sentai x Familiar of Zero crossover. This is interesting. And this time with Gokaiger.

I was kinda expecting the original Gokaigers in it or at least five (plus one more) OC space pirates based on the Gokaigers.

Keep up.
12/11/2015 c1 1davycrockett100
12/11/2015 c1 brave kid
whoa cool i like this story please keep it up
12/11/2015 c1 16Kaizer Daozang
I like it so far, not many people do Sentai fanfics as more of them are under power rangers which kinda sucks as Super Sentai is amazing.
12/11/2015 c1 LoamyCoffee
Hmm? How interesting~ GinGin Ikuse! Let's see where you go with this.
12/11/2015 c1 2pensuka
i wonder what will happen next
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