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for A Story of Shadows

6/3/2020 c4 8Risa Silvara
I stumbled upon this again in my favorites. Ah the nostalgia.
A shame that you didn't finish for that Cordelia reveal or the six? hour road-trip to San Francisco with an ADHD demigod & potentially multiple monster attacks.
7/27/2019 c4 2tefe203
to be continued
6/27/2018 c4 lineman
this is good you should keep writing this fic
9/2/2017 c4 MattKennedy
Yay for Will, Percy, and Jason showing via Iris Message and repreimanding Nico for being so careless with his health. :)
8/27/2017 c4 rebekahpsweatman81
oh please write more, this is so good
7/28/2017 c4 Fangirling.net
Please continue! I need more!
6/21/2017 c4 Guest
Ur story is interesting not much percy jackson crossover with buffyverse but u should take into fact that buffyverse is pretty big with things that could easily trump percyverse while percy universe deals with,things on pantheon buffyverse deals with beings that are multiversal like jasmine and the other powers that be responible for cordelias visions and old ones glory and the key who are older and more powerful than all the greek gods .like chaos . Like i said it a good story but dont try to undermine the buffyverse to make a marysue of percy jackson universe they should be on the same level if ur mixing the but really just mix them properly according to their lore and power of their universe.
6/12/2017 c2 DaisyDayPotterJackson
update plz this story is awesome
5/4/2017 c3 4micia
I liked the different POV :)
4/30/2017 c3 MattKennedy
Answers! :)
1/22/2017 c2 4micia
This Story is great! I Love Nico when he is trying to be intimidating (hope this is the right word:D). Please update soon!
1/1/2017 c2 pjotmihphg
i love this story please continue
8/19/2016 c2 Guest
I absolutely LOVE this! Please, please continue to update.
8/9/2016 c2 Gravity101
I really really like this. I would be super awed if u could get an update up quickly. Thanks for an awesome fanfic.
7/31/2016 c2 2aveave
Great begining of a story. I hope you will write next chapter soon.
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