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for Blind, But Now

1/20/2023 c20 aimdiscord
Whoa. Zelda and Ghirahim (even Groose) had such immense characterization. You're amazing
1/17/2023 c20 aimdiscord
Yes, we're still here! I love the story. I have some unfinished maybe I will get around to completing it someday stories too!
11/12/2022 c20 use your blinker
This will always be one of my favorites. See ya on AO3!
11/10/2022 c20 Fenix Fuego
Yes! I am so glad you came back to finish this amazing story.
11/9/2022 c20 laken-the-nerd
OMG NEW AND FINAL UPDATE IS OUT HOLY CRAP IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR SO LONG THANK YOOOOUUU. I literally, like a week ago, was telling my friend about this fanfiction, reminiscing on how AMAZING it was and STILL AMAZING IT IS! I can't believe you actually finished it and oh how my heart hurts to know it is over, but this will forever be my all time favorite fanfiction, I've been reading it since I was 15-16 and I am now 19 can you believe that? I feel the depression melting away from my body. I'm also sooo happy to know you are on AO3 and if you have more Ghiralink I will gobble it all up as well. Thank you so much for the time, effort, and dedication you put into this fic, I truly will never find anything quite like it ever again, just know if no one else still appreciates this fanfic, I sure as hell do!
11/7/2022 c20 Guest
I just need you to know I have been following this fic since it came out like seven years ago and I was *seventeen*! I'm now 24, and every single time I got an email it had updated, I can't tell you how excited I always was to read it. I got my email this morning amd knew this was the last chapter, but I can't tell you how grateful I am that you kept up and finished it, seriously! Thank you for this excellent piece of literature, seventeen year old me is so damn happy
11/7/2022 c20 12Cyan Quartz
That was so freaking adorable. So glad to see this story pop up again, I don't entirely remember what happened last chapter but I do remember all the other events referenced here. This story has come a long way, and you have done an excellent job here.
8/27/2022 c1 84Tempest the SeaWing
Oh my gosh! This is so awesome! I love this story and it really stands out to me because I, to, am also blind. I can see a tiny bit out of my left eye but that is it. Keep up the great work!
8/4/2022 c18 use your blinker
Just started playing Skyward sword again, had to come back and reread one of my favorite fics.
2/12/2022 c19 Guest
Thabk you so much this story makes my day enjoyable and it was worth the wait
2/8/2022 c19 13Imagination that
Glad I found this update as I love this story. I read it quite a few years ago and was happy to have not only found it again, but noticed an update. A nice surprise twist on Link's wish. I can't wait to see what comes next. Thank you for sharing your story.

I will say your portrayal of Link's frustration at being coddeled and not allowed freedom and independence after having had it is quite accurate. My mother was recently declared legally blind and she also dearly misses the freedom of just being able to drive somewhere by herself.
12/25/2021 c19 use your blinker
BEST HOLIDAY GIFT! Love this fic so much, glad it's still going! Makes sense that he didn't lose that part of his character, and now they can have an equal-power relationship. And be super happy. And travel the world! Woohoo!
12/19/2021 c19 8TheGhostMagus
oh I'm so happy to have read this new chapter! I really love your blind Link.
I love how Ghirahim explained to Zelda nothing could ever be completely white, that darkness could never be banished forever and it is a matter of what one think they can afford.
And I really like how Link wished nothing of what everyone expected him to wish for xD
I think it's nice Link sees the threads without the blindfold, I hoped for him to have this permanently as soon as he could see it. It's comforting to have at least those threads to rely on even if he can't actually see.
I'm really eager to read what's next! I feel like I'll re-read your fic (this time on Ao3) soon! Thank you for sharing!
12/15/2021 c1 lonksenpai
Hi! Sorry if you already saw this on tumblr, it didn’t send correctly for me so I’m just gonna post it here. I just wanted to say thank you so much for updating! This is my favorite fan fiction ever, and I’m so glad to see it update after four long years. Or has it been three? I’m not sure. Point is, I’ve been a huge fan for a long time.
I also wanted to say that wow. Your writing style is beyond anything I’ve ever read before. You describe simple actions or events in a way that perfectly molds the moment into my mind, which as a fellow writer I find amazing. When you hone in onto specific characters I can almost feel the character beside me in my mind, doing or saying whatever your heart desires. And the dialogue- just wow! Every time I read it I think, “That is EXACTLY what that character would say!” Even in the little movements that the characters do, whether it’s twisting their face into confusion or getting into a fighting stance, I can feel every second of it. I can FEEL the emotions the characters feel so vividly, as well as the mood in the story. I love the way the mood and the story start of slow, but slowing pick up the pace until every scene is almost as stressful as Link probably feels. And the plot! Don’t even get me started. The plot weaves and twists and darts off into opposite directions in a way that I thought I’d never be able to comprehend.
I can tell you with certainty that this is by far the best piece of literature I’ve ever read. Even though I’ve read hundreds of books, all by authors from all sorts of backgrounds, this by far is the best. And I mean that whole-heartedly. You activate my imagination in such a unique way that makes me feel as if I am there with the characters, seeking out ancient flames or toying with a blind child. If you are not already, you could be a legitimate author. If you did choose to go down that path in life, I would gladly buy every single one of your books. And I’m certain others would as well.
You are an amazing role model for what I aspire to be as an author, and I love you work. Did I mention that your writing is amazing? Hehehehe, anyway thank you again for updating. This story means a lot to me, more than you would ever dream of. And thank you for ever deciding to open up that notepad that one day and start writing. You have quite literally changed my life. Thank you.
(PS isn’t it kind of ironic that my favorite piece of literature is a fan fiction that was made years ago on a billion year old website?PPS The amount of blind jokes is too funny I love them, please keep implementing them)
12/10/2021 c19 12Cyan Quartz
Eyo! I missed ya guy! I hope your life has been going smoothly since I last saw ya. And boy did I forget how descriptive you are. Your words just painted a thousand pictures in my mind, I don't think that's how that usually works haha!

And oh, that was such a sweet Aladdin moment at the end, the chapter really built up to it too. This was wonderful, good job!
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