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for Forgeting is easy, Forgiving is not

12/28/2019 c10 4A Queen Among Women
Sooooo good! Please continue!
3/15/2019 c10 Lloyddrac
Finish this story. 10/10
12/16/2018 c10 Guest
The story is good, could you continue the story? Or is this discontinued?
2/11/2018 c10 Mangaqueen1158
While o don't like gold because it is too gaudy, I do love your story. It is amazing and so very different from the other stories that I have read. Please update soon. I look forward to reading more from you.
4/13/2017 c10 3Littlest1
Of finally Bya has his memories back. It is about time that Ichigo got another ally and who cares if he is a dick at times at least their interests are aligned. Although the ryoka's are not going to be happy.
3/27/2017 c9 Daddys little crazy bitch
Omg love love love
1/17/2017 c9 Frwt
update pleaseeeeeeeee
9/9/2016 c8 Geeky Kitty
I really like your story so far! Can't wait for the next chapter :)
9/4/2016 c8 11NightHunterDeath
It didn't feel like a cliffhanger to me, so all is well. The reason I was going to regret reviewing was because soon after I was sure I was going to find something to actually say. It usually happens when I think I have it all there, everything I want to review, push 'post' and then realize that there was something else I wanted to write when I go back to read it. Nothing here, though - I liked the Renji/Toshiro POV, in any case.
8/7/2016 c8 3Littlest1
Awesome Rukia is back, but why do i get the feeling that she has memory loss? So I kinda want to know what happened in the past and why everyone was so tense. Also it seems that Toshiro's feelings have been stirring for a while. Wonder how long Renji was crushing on her? Love the way you opened this chapter.
7/28/2016 c1 W44
Please continue this is best bleach story I've read
7/23/2016 c7 5amazinglion29
What is about to go down? I really can't wait to find out!
7/20/2016 c7 Robotdocter
it's awesome to see this story updated, its amazing, cant wait for more
7/20/2016 c7 3Littlest1
So Homura and Shizuku are part of the reason that Rukia disappeared, that makes sense but I wonder where the rest of the ryoka are. Byakura has an even bigger stick up his ass than usual. It seams that with his sisters memory gone the stick that was starting to retreat came back with a vengeance.
So they are headed to the hollows, I hope that they at least remember her. I am not at all surprised that Toshiro and Renji grabbed a hold of her (she is really dense if she can't tell that both are in love with her) though it did make me smile. I also wonder why is it that Ichigo is closer to Uryu instead of Chad?
7/20/2016 c7 11NightHunterDeath
...goddamit! I wanted her to go alone. I'll probably regret later not giving a full review, but that's all that's on my mind right now.
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