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6/25/2016 c6 11NightHunterDeath
Its an amazing story so far, but I was wondering about a few things. Ichigo isn't remembered because each encounter she had with the Gotei 13 was because of Rukia, but Ichigo met the Visords without Rukia even being a reason. Why doesn't Shinji remember her - and why is he a captain? He, the other visords, and Kisuke haven't been pardon for their 'supposed' crimes. Shinji had a deep hatred for the Soul Society before the Azien fight. In words of Shinji himself "We are Ichigo's allies, not yours." While I understand this is AU, it doesn't change the fact that facts are the same and you don't seem to have changed the events prior before this much. Its truly is an amazing story idea, but I just find a lot of flaws in the plotline. If you can address these points at any time, or fix up the past chapters, I would be very grateful. I can't wait for the next chapter, whatever may come.
6/16/2016 c6 kingdom78
It's so Good please update soon! I love it!
5/28/2016 c6 Robotdocter
cant wait for more of this amazing story, hopefully this will become the amazing story i know it should be. great story so far! :D
5/8/2016 c6 5amazinglion29
I'm thoroughly enjoying this story! I hope that you will be able to update again soon!
5/8/2016 c6 3Littlest1
Great chapter I hope they figure out what's going on soon.
3/28/2016 c5 Guest
Liking it so far, keep the good work going please.
3/28/2016 c5 2theskythatshinesbright
please update soon
and when will they found out ichi is a girl?
3/25/2016 c5 10YesILikeEridan
Great chapter! I can't wait to see what happens next :)
3/22/2016 c5 crystal2818
Like the flash back at give more insight to the fem Ichigo past the original male Ichigo past hope you update soon.
3/18/2016 c4 Purryamayama
please update more i love your story!
2/23/2016 c4 YesILikeEridan
This story is coming along really nicely! You're doing a great job, I cant wait for the next chapter :D
2/2/2016 c4 BassDragonGaming
I have no clue why but addicted to this series. The way you portray everything is awesome, and actually humanizing the characters is a point in your favor. It's not as angst I as I was expecting but that's not a bad thing. Also, I'm starting to hate byakuya lol. Looking forward to another chapter
1/29/2016 c4 Guest
OMG Update Again Soon Plz, I Love This FanFic!
PS. My Name Is Mugetsu Nura
1/22/2016 c4 8EirSensei
Still enjoy it. I hope you continue soon
1/19/2016 c4 Bigr3d
love the story so far! Please continue!
I will admit some confusion though, is ichigo a guy or a girl in the story? If he is a she (as I aminclined to believe) then wouldn't it have been discovered by now with the interrogation and all? The hood surely would not have remained up this entire time.
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