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for I Don't Belong To You

9/12 c34 0ww0
sooooo im crying lol. wow what an amazing read. you hit me right in the emotions on this 1. Then when i went to hit next chapter it wasn't there! I hope you continue this amazing story.
8/17 c34 kimmyxx

I hope you read this. I reread this fic and fell in love with SQ again. I hope things are going well in your life and I hope we'll get an update on this fix
8/7 c1 onthfly
Would love an update on this one. So good.
8/5 c34 QueenLuthor
Update ? Pretty pretty pls!
7/15 c34 Guest
Hope you update the story again soon!
7/5 c34 badly caffeinated
One thing I like about this fic, no mention of Mary Margaret! Yayy
6/14 c34 Southtrash
Missing this fic. Hope everything is well ! to reread this whole story. Lol
5/28 c34 Guest
I had to re-read the story entirely to make the wait easier :D I really do hope you continue this, I really love it!
5/5 c34 Guest
Please update soon
4/10 c34 whatsup29
i actually downloaded fanfic dot net for this particular story. hope you'll finish it!
3/30 c34 QueenLuthor
Update pretty pretty please!
3/4 c34 Guest
Please update
2/23 c34 Guest
Please update
2/8 c34 1theatergirl129
I bing read this whole thing and it’s so good! I truly hope you do finish it
2/3 c1 Jakyla
this was amazing
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