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for I Don't Belong To You

2/8/2021 c34 1theatergirl129
I bing read this whole thing and it’s so good! I truly hope you do finish it
2/3/2021 c1 Jakyla
this was amazing
1/23/2021 c15 20skalice
Afterthought - I wonder if Regina realises just how long Emma has gone without sex because of her love for Regina? And she knows how much Emma loves sex!
1/22/2021 c34 skalice
I just read this in one go and am left breathless. Such a magnificent story - so very authentic. I enjoyed this so much that any second I got to myself at work, I kept reading this story. Hope you are safe and healthy and I so look forward to receiving an email about an update!
12/11/2020 c34 MiDushiNoSushi
Such a good chapter. They were both so vulnerable. I was really nervous that Regina was going to scare Emma away with her insecurities and her demands, but Emma was surprisingly mature and patient. And Regina was surprisingly empathetic when she was finally able to pay attention. I love how Emma is stepping up and trying to be her best self. I also loved that father-daughter conversation she had with David that was actually helpful, as well as her insight into their own relationship and her behavioral issues. I just love how this chapter feels like so much progress. Thanks for sharing.
12/9/2020 c34 MIROjrsygrl
I'm not crying, you're crying! Awesome ending. Thank you. I needed something like this.
12/7/2020 c34 5Gryffindor620
Awww. That was pretty sweet!
12/4/2020 c34 ElleDot
Hoping for a 2020 update lol.
The storyline has been great.
Sorry if I’ve been a downerEmma frustrates me.
Her inability to just get her sh!t together and meet Regina halfway is irksome. I’m hoping one day she can finally just say I Love You, and let’s get going lol
12/3/2020 c25 ElleDot
Ugh I know I need to have empathy.
I know it need to ... but Emma is just so .. shitty.
It’s always apologies and bullshit.
Just venting, love the story but I’m in my feels haha
12/3/2020 c21 ElleDot
Emma is too immature.
Sorry is just a word for her.
She’s trash.
12/3/2020 c17 ElleDot
Remember when Regina told Emma that if a decision feels bad in her heart, maybe don’t do it. I’m hoping that’s the case in the next chapter with bro-hoe Neal ugh
12/3/2020 c16 ElleDot
The neglected fish lol
12/3/2020 c7 ElleDot
I was already devastated from chapter 1 that this story wasn’t marked complete, but now in chapter 7 at nearly 2am, I’m too invested lol and will take the heartbreak at the end of these chapters knowing it’s not yet complete.
11/27/2020 c34 anasbell305
Loved the update, I'm glad they continue to work on their communication.
11/26/2020 c34 Ravenbull
Didn't realize how much I missed your wonderfully woven tale until y'all updated!

Thank you for writing and posting during these still trying times.
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