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for Significance of Family

3/14 c4 Sandra Hauer
Please continue! Thx
11/21/2017 c4 27vickster51
I have just found this story again. It is so good. I’d love another chapter.
1/10/2016 c4 1sabrineliraki
I really loved it. Can't wait for the next chapter x
12/18/2015 c4 deleted-abandoned
I'm enjoying this fic. You write pretty well. Nice that you thought of doing a "Life As We Know It" adaptation with Darvey. Looking forward to more.
12/17/2015 c4 Guest
Love it! More please.
12/17/2015 c4 miss0sunny
I hope this isnt à Ross family curse..it sucks that it happened,but it helps us bring darvey together... After telling Charlotte they should put her in therapy... How old is. Harvey and Donna if she still wants kids? Cant wait for the next update!
12/17/2015 c4 Onyxcareles
I so hope they don't take the kids away.
12/17/2015 c4 J
This is awesome! ! Keep it up :))
12/16/2015 c4 1specterbowie
Another amazing update, can't wait for more!
12/16/2015 c4 39lafantomette
Really gripping, your writing is awesome. I love this story.
12/15/2015 c3 Sof
I love the idea and the way u write ur fic! Can't wait for ur update! Thanks for writing!
12/15/2015 c3 26AnonymousW
Loving this. Can't wait for more
Thanks for writing!
12/14/2015 c1 Guest
Life as we know it! Ah, I loved that movie and loving this too!
12/14/2015 c3 Guest
Omg this is so awesome! Ok not awesome that mike and Rachel died but can wait to see what this means for Darvey! Pls update soon!
12/14/2015 c3 39lafantomette
Yeah! Finally! Someone writes a 'Life as we know it" trope/fic! I'm jumping up and down. Even if it is sad I love it!
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