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8/6/2018 c1 1Jamie McCrimmon
I really love your writing. Your take on Gabriel is heartbreaking and beautiful. I really liked Hevel too, and you're completely right about the show's depiction being horseshit. The way you wrote him actually made me think of Sam a bit, and that was before the puppy dog eyes reminiscent of said Winchester. And just the concept of the First Blade being able to make a soul mute is downright fascinating.

Also while it's obviously not present here, I'm saying it now - some writers when writing slash somehow make the characters feel unlike their canon counterparts even when their characterization outside of the ship is sound, but you've never fallen into that trap: your Sabriel is completely compatible with canon characterization.
12/19/2015 c1 31phoenixsmoon
I loved this. I loved Hevel, I loved Gabriel, I loved the exploration of Lucifer and his corruption.
Thank you so much for writing this.
12/12/2015 c1 ladygreytowers
Alright here's your bone! I am following Tearing Up the Script, so I was excited to find that you wrote this to be kind of an explanation for what is going to happen next over there.
I enjoy the way that you write Gabriel, his introspection, his grace deep hurt at what transpired. How he has lived and learned and his deep caring for humanity and his emotions!
All in all I really liked this very much as it has shed a lot of light on what Gabriel has gone through and is still going through.
Thanks, can't wait for the next chapeter of Tearing Up.
12/12/2015 c1 1gracestclair
MixedGoldenPhoenix, this is incredible! You definitely have lots of talent! All your fics are truly "heavenly"! Haha! Thank you for sharing your gift her on F.F.! It's greatly appreciated! Keep up the awesome writing! Hope to read more from ya soon!

xoxo gracestclair

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