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11/25/2023 c1 2merendinoemiliano
10/18/2021 c1 1Imhappy0126
What the... How in the world is this not more popular? I hope this is just the side project of some active author and not just a piece by someone who hasnt written in 10 years.
10/13/2021 c1 2temir
this have all the feeling of something that could had happened during the damocles crusade...
10/15/2020 c1 Wiggles
A few thoughts: if a blast knocks you unconscious, you have serious brain damage and are going to die. I expected them to kill each other and the fic end after they were both dead. Honestly I'm a little disappointed that they didn't kill each other. I also find it a lil hard to suspend the disbelief that out of a massive battle these are the only two that survived, but I can push that aside since the whole point was to get these two alone.

I'm not convinced that the Tau are as awful as the Imperium, but I see what you're trying to do, and letting them have that back and forth was entertaining. I do enjoy your explorations into WH40K that otherwise go untouched in the canon.

Tbh it makes me a lil inspired to write a "holy shit the Dark Angels are really that fuckin' stupid, huh?" Ugh I expected the Dark Angels to be fun since they're definitely totally not heretics right guys? Right? But the books are such hot garbage...
6/25/2020 c1 1blackcatcoffee
Another fantastic oneshot showing the futility of war. Your stories questioning the moral compasses of a character are your best ones. The exploration of each creed’s values and beliefs is very fascinating.
10/1/2019 c1 2ManwithaPlan113
This was rather uplifting, and immensely enjoyable. Two sideshow of the same coin, fanatics to their cause and unbending towards their struggles.

Such is the way of life in the WH40K verse, endless war and misery, but not all the time. Honor exists. Courage still reigns.
4/10/2017 c1 Berlioz Chaos Lord of Khorne
Aye, killing eachother is predictable.

Y'know, you coulda always pulled a Gandalf quote outta your ass.

What was it, "Do not be so quick to deal out death and judgement?"

Something like that.
6/30/2016 c1 18A Wanderer in the Snow
Interesting take! It seems like both come across as very unyielding and not a little extreme, which is really good, in the eyes of each, I suppose the other would seem so. Good stuff!
6/13/2016 c1 29IGdude117
Fascinating story. I can definitely see the poetic nature of this story, and your characterization of both the Tau and Imperial ideologies as being flawed in their own ways is one that should get more expansion within the 40k universe. I really got the sense of a chess game with this story- each action had a reaction, and each attack had a counterattack. Very well written and very contemplative.
6/6/2016 c1 Guest
Okay, so first things first. The characters were good with regard to portraying a caricature of the opposing factions. The factions chosen were a good choice with regard to equal footing in ideological practice and similarity. The Tau always felt as though they were made to show what a young mankind looked like, when it was idealistic, before the dark times of the Imperium, at least to me personally. At the same time they also have shades of horror and fanaticism about them in the fluff I've read.

Second, I realize this was done in a style different from what you usually do, as stated at the end. However, I personally couldn't help but feel the overall message was anvilicious. It fits what you're going for, the Tau and the Imperium are two sides of the same coin, or simply different versions of each other. The firewarrior and guardsman and their conflict, both physical and of faith, represent this. Point being I feel you could have gotten this point across without being so heavy handed. In the end it wasn't terrible, but it simply didn't work for me.

Third, please go back and proof-read this thing. I'm not usually bothered by grammatical mistakes at all, but this was a bit testing. Now, technically some of the 'grammar mistakes' I'm talking about are not wrong in the view of written English. However, they are phrases that seem clunky and thus ruin the flow. Case in point...P.7, Line 1-"Hundred upon hundred of soldiers throwing their lives for the ideologies they had absolute faith in."

Now I'm sure you can see what I mean there, let's try that cleaned up a bit...
"Hundreds upon hundreds of soldiers, throwing away their lives, for the ideologies they had absolute faith in."
A bit better, could be shortened or expanded upon a bit more to fit with the style you were going for, but still. Besides that... there are quite a few missing, or unneeded uses of the letter S. Reading through that really threw me off. Plus, some sentences could use a comma or two, or some form of colon. In short proof-read this, it'll really help. Trust me, I know from personal experience, and even if this is a past work it'll be good to improve it.

Final thoughts... I liked it, overall anyway. Some of it didn't jive overly well with me, but I chalk that up to personal preference. The ending was... original I'll give you that, but it somewhat went against suspension of disbelief territory for me. That might partially be because this is a oneshot, thus the character's backgrounds, and thought processes couldn't be too expanded upon to further explain it, but meh.

4/23/2016 c1 2k+Hawki
-“Guardsman vs. Fire Warrior.” Huh. Be careful, or you might give Paul W.S. Anderson some ideas…

-So, first part of the fic itself. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t help but notice some reference to the Crusades (as in, historical crusades, not the in-universe crusades the Imperium sometimes launches). We have East vs. West (i.e. Europe vs. Middle-east), with the conflict being framed as a clash of religions, and with said conflict involving mass infantry and the equivalent of mounts (armoured warfare). I’m not sure if the religion analogy kind of works, in that while Imperial dogma does spout “thou shalt not suffer the alien to live” and whatnot, whether the Greater Good can be described as a religion is another matter.

-Moving on, with the guardsman and fire warrior reflecting on their foe, I like that touch – hatred, jealousy, etc. What’s less effective however, is when they start engaging in verbal dualing. I’m willing to buy that the tau either knows Low Gothic or the guardsman knows the tau language. I’m also willing to concede that their sparring, while asinine, is asinine for the right reasons – they’re spouting out dogma and being hypocrities. However, I have two gripes with this. First, leaving fanboying aside, from an outsider’s perspective of the 3rd millennium, the Imperium is objectively worse than the Tau Empire. Maybe not by much, but it’s commited far more heinous crimes. Crimes that allow it to survive, sure, and there are far worse things in the setting than the Imperium after all, but boiling this down just to these two factions, the moral equivalence doesn’t work here. Not when the details are being examined to the level that they are.

Second of all, far more subjective, but I feel it would work better if they didn’t even talk at all. “Less is more,” and the use of a language barrier here could demonstrate far more incompatability between the two fighters than the verbal sparring could. And what’s more, the story actually kind of does this later, when it mentions how they shouted at each other in their respective languages. We don’t need the details of what they’re saying, the fact that they’re fighting as savagely as they are in this particular moment tells us everything we need to know about their mindsets.

-Going a bit back, the grenade properties did bring a nostalgic smirk to my mouth, remembering how grenade mechanics worked back when I actually did play 40K on the tabletop. So there’s that. Returning to the fight that follows it, it’s a nice, subtle touch that also incorporates the differences between them. Here we have the tau – great at range, probably not the most emotional of species. On the other, a human – fairly weak overall, but still capable of summoning up surprising savagery, demonstrated aptly in close quarters.

-The ending…eh. Again, subjective, but I feel that having the Imperium win and the tau lose the overall battle feels out of place in a story feels out of place when everything up to this point has been showing them on equal footing, both physical and ideological. You mention that that them killing each other would have been too predictable, and I can certainly sympathize with that viewpoint, but on the other hand, well, what I said above. That said, the ending paragraphs are good – they’re both fated to go to one battle after another. Even if their views may change, their factions won’t.

-Minor point, “Such were the ways it was in the Imperial Guards.” Think it should be “Guard.”

-So, story as a whole. Well, it’s quite good. You can read the above comments and make your own conclusions, but a lot of the drawbacks I have are based on how the story is executed rather than more concrete gripes. The story’s concept certainly isn’t original (heck, goes at least as far back as Enemy Mine), but originality isn’t the be all and end all of quality. It certainly works in the setting. And that this is a story in 40K that DOESN’T involve “SPACE MAREENS!” kicking arse and taking names as the be all and end all of its story, this is a type of story I can get behind.

So all in all, good job.
2/6/2016 c1 15.56X45
You hit the nail on the head with this one. When the ideals are gone, your brothers are gone and its just you all alone with the enemy. Awesome way getting to the heart of the matter. Its a shame that the two still tried to kill each other when they were all alone. It sums up war as this Waste And Regret. I liked the ending for there is only a small number of true believers in any society or ideology the rest are there for their own reasons what ever it my be and would much rather be somewhere else. Nicely done.
12/15/2015 c1 6SDWilson
Excellent read.
It has shades of the early part of the movie, "Enemy Mine", starring Dennis Quaid.
12/14/2015 c1 Guest
12/12/2015 c1 17Disciple of Ember
Very cool story. You did a great job of keeping the debates even, and though the battle eventually turned the way of the Guard (Glory to the God Emperor!) the sort of exhausted, haphazard combat was nicely balanced. It's cool to see this kind of moral dilemma between two of the more reasonable factions in the midst of the battlefield, especially seeing how much carnage has already gone down.

The writing style is pretty unique from most of your other stuff, and I find that you pulled it off quite effectively. The flow between both sides was well executed, and made for a dual-focus that was almost like two simultaneous third-person-limited perspectives. If that makes sense. Either way, it was fun, especially given how you left both unnamed. That was a great touch in my opinion.

Personally I very much prefer the Tau Fire Warrior rather than a Chaos Cultist. There are some occasional delves into making Chaos worship seem justified, but even the most self-assured of them can't claim to be righteous or honorable to the extent that the Tau and Imperials can. The impact of the debate would have been lessened since one side would have been the clear evil, where as this is shown as two that are equal in both their rights and wrongs.

And bonus points for the surprise ending. I'd been expecting the mutually assured destruction thing myself, and it's very cool to see that didn't happen.

Very cool short story. Made for a fun read, and a good look into conflicting senses of what's right in the galaxy.
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