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for Reading Naruto the Forced Fighter

10h c65 qoriansawp
fuck we need an update
10/12 c65 DUGBERT
love it
9/8 c1 Arashi Uzukaze
Not too bad. Grammar mistakes here and there but no where near as bad as I have read before. And it's always funny to see the "Naruto can't get drunk" or "Naruto can get drunk but it takes more than enough to kill somone" trope. Not true though as we see adult Naruto is canonicaly a lightweight. Lol
7/20 c40 carneyjarred
I own all 4 ultimate ninja storm games (1,2,3 being a trilogy version) on switch and they are the best better than clash of Ninja which I thought that was RWBY was playing in the beginning I also like my hero one's justice series despite the fact that the plus ultra meter in two sucks try both and you will see a big difference in how it fills up it's that bad. Anyway this is my second re-read of the reading and I am wondering when is the next update? I love this story and I want more ok (I'm not being rude Am I and if so sorry I have a habit of putting my foot in my mouth at the worst of times and it tastes terrible -shudders- definitely not my thing).
6/11 c1 Moron
Im sorry, but i found this funny. "I dont know, about the same that would kill a man" "Impossible?! How could anyone drink that much without killing themselves?!"
6/11 c18 riceload
I once accidentally flushed a marble down the toilet as a small child, so i've a habit of checking
6/8 c64 Guest
can you begin naruto and sasuke and sakura to training team rwby and jnpr
6/8 c64 Guest
spirit can you update chapter 63 of reading naruto the forced fighter
6/8 c63 Guest
nora like naruto is insane with her work outs
6/8 c61 Guest
is naruto have good nickname techniques sense
6/8 c60 Guest
is bolin cinder fall son is arslan altan goodwitch daughter look like have same blond hair and same green eyes is sage and reese a brother and sister look like have same hair color
6/8 c59 Guest
what if taiyang and qrow see yang headache why girls so easy worry over the guys they love
6/8 c58 Guest
can naruto create 5.000 shadow clones
6/8 c57 Guest
ever aura huntsma and huntress from rwby is nothing to chakra shinobi from naruto naruto using sage mode so many times more then any sage mode user the emerald forest become the crimson valley is salem going try recreate the EG-Fusion beast from is e-ursa sank her fists into red engergy rip off sakura chakra fists is satori from naruto the blood prison movie red ball of energy look like tailed beast bomb naruto turn emerald forest into Quartz wasteland what if post war six paths sage mode naruto use his sunmark to turn grimm to normal human and faunus
6/8 c56 Guest
no it was just like naruto 4 tails mode naruto blocked kick from both sides eovlved grimm like fusion momoshiki did e-ursa sank her fists into red engergy rip off sakura chakra fists why didn't spirit tell team rwby and jnpr naruto have otsutsuki blood and otsutsuki clan why does evolved grimm super beast look like tailed beasts why didn't spirit tell team rwby and jnpr naruto have six paths sage mode
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