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for Reading Naruto the Forced Fighter

10/1/2016 c61 1Thekahlibear
Damn love this reaction story dude. Keep it up! Oh so have you seen the final fight? Maybe one chapter they could watch that too!
10/1/2016 c61 fieryfoxpaws
Thanks for the chapter.
9/30/2016 c53 1Vld
Damn! Makes me think about all these stories where Naruto, Hinata and whoever is in their team ends up training an animal only to be ordered to kill them as part of training.

I'm really, REALLY hoping he won't have to kill Beo... but somehow i don't think he will have the choice not to.

(I know, i should review the original instead but i'm not keen on reading the same story twice)

As for the readers, i think even Weiss will be unhappy when that happens. Though i doubt it will be for Neo's sake.
9/27/2016 c53 3code R.R
i like this...humanoid beo-loli
9/27/2016 c52 code R.R
i enjoyed it :)
9/27/2016 c50 code R.R
welp...seal time!
9/27/2016 c49 code R.R
9/27/2016 c48 code R.R
that...I actually like that sort of system
9/27/2016 c46 code R.R
fuck fuck fuck

that's bad
9/27/2016 c45 code R.R

I died from that "I am the sexiest woman" just killed me
9/27/2016 c38 code R.R
YES! Fusion!
9/27/2016 c34 code R.R
the fuck is this thing...also i just relaized Naruto's chakra is yellow not blue...why?
9/27/2016 c32 code R.R
Fuck the demon cat...that was funny
9/27/2016 c31 code R.R
Fuck man...now I wanna see Thor

But...Marvel thor or red hair THor...
9/27/2016 c28 code R.R
hahahaha, No one can handle the Lust God mode
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