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for Reading Naruto the Forced Fighter

6/21/2017 c65 kazearashika
it's cool
6/20/2017 c65 One Happy Birb
you do know that the Forced Fighter is back on FTDS account right? or you just dont know? either way you have the story to read from again so there you have it.
6/20/2017 c65 1Phoenixflames9
It is greatly unfortunate you lost your inspiration for this story since it happened to be easily in the top FIVE unfinished stories I've been exited to see an update for. I can't fault you for losing inspiration or if life hits you hard. I will continue to wait for updates for this story no longer how long it may take. I wish you well.
6/20/2017 c65 1insanemaelstorm
A bit sad. But I guess it's understandable. Hope you do get motivated to continue this story again.
6/20/2017 c65 1Guahanboy98
No probs, your not the only one right now. 25 of the OG authors who have some really good stories that are over 250,000 words are also in a block if not drive drought.
6/20/2017 c65 1REVANOFSITHLORD
6/20/2017 c65 3Galer
6/20/2017 c65 lou2003us
I really wanted to see the reactions on the dodo bird's.
6/20/2017 c65 8myfunvideos
6/20/2017 c65 1SliverSteel
Nooo dont let someone else do it
6/20/2017 c65 1Vld
Damn! One of the best RWBY Readings, too! Was it the 40 plus chapters in one go that got to you, or was it something else? I admit that i was sortof disappointed by some of the later chapters too, but i still love the original NFF.
6/20/2017 c65 TRUCE1
You're not gonna stop on your other stories, are you? Please, Dear God, NOOOOOOOO!

I've gotten addicted to all of the "Reading" stories out there. Especially those who have been borrowed from FTDS. Yours are in the Top 3 out of hundreds. Please don't make me go through with withdrawal again. I don't think that I could survive that. Not again!

Though in all seriousness, here's to hoping that you get your inspiration back sometime soon.
6/20/2017 c65 5Felipe1402XZA
espero que vuelva su inspiraciĆ³n. me encanta esta historia
6/20/2017 c65 9Onishin Tsukitenshi
I hope you find your inspiration again soon. I really love this story, you know.
6/20/2017 c65 Generic - wryteR
just delete it already
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