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5/23/2016 c19 Guest
Really great. I wanted them to kiss so bad tho
5/22/2016 c19 Won't be named
Lol thanks for the shout out. Btw is it bad that I now want someone to make a fanfiction of your fanfiction? That way no matter who Beau chooses I get both Edythe and Julie! So long story short could you do an "alternative ending" where whoever Beau doesnt pick in your story he chooses the other one? I would love to read that
5/22/2016 c19 Btdubz
Wow...this chapter...simply wow. Tense as hell and I was on the edge through the whole thing, I absolutely loved it. I really can't wait to see what you write for the upcoming chapters. As always thank you for the update and I hope to see another soon!
5/22/2016 c19 1olqueen108
That was just as heart wrenching as I was expecting :'(. Fantastic job!
5/20/2016 c12 Won't be named
Day 1- no update yet
Day 2-still no update
day 3- okay just 5 more days
Day 4- I can hardly wait
Day 5 I can't wait much longer
Day 6- Soon I will self destruct
Day 7- one more day till greatness
day 9- contemplated going into a self induced coma to help pace time
Day 10-20- in coma
Day 21- get out of coma, Still no new chapter

5/17/2016 c18 Guest
Please update tomorrow I want to see edythe already
5/16/2016 c18 Guest
5/14/2016 c18 Me
5/10/2016 c18 2BeauEdythe
i am not surprise some one asked you to do a Spanish translation for this story you should be proud of what you have accomplish with new moon reimagined its truly truly amazing. Every chapter we get closer and closer to Edythe but im also scared i have a feeling when we do finally see her again its gonna be a cliff hanger lol
5/10/2016 c17 BeauEdythe
AH Archie is back! great chapter btw i'm just super excited that we are getting so close to Italy
5/10/2016 c18 1olqueen108
It's so good to see Archie again! But the end is near. . . a choice is coming, Beau will have to decide (not that we don't know already). And now comes the pivotal, heartbreaking moment between Beau and Jules
5/10/2016 c18 BingoDango
I would read a whole book of Beau and Archie just hanging out...hint hint ;)
5/10/2016 c18 MANU gupta
just don't use the word 'man' so often . otherwise a brilliant piece of work...
5/9/2016 c18 Latenight lurker
This story is my new favorite twilight fix,please keep the greatness coming
5/9/2016 c18 Btdubz
Really happy to see Archie again, can't wait to see how Edythe reacts to the visit. Thank you for the chapter, another great one!
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