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2/11/2020 c4 Deb
Hooooooooly crap. Edythe's parting words/reasons for leaving that you write here were even more painful than Edward's!
2/10/2020 c5 D
This really is excellent. People forget that can guys go through major depression/take breakups really hard too.
8/6/2019 c26 Harry Potter Sr
So now that I am ready with your story I tought I would leave my opinion here. I really liked it and think I will reread it at some point. I think you got a good crasp on Edythe and Beau and did a wonderful job putting them in the new moon story. I like the two more then Edward and Bella and it is nice to see that you did them justice. I like it more when you do things different then the original, especially the volturi are awesome. Can't wait to read eclipse and breaking dawn.
5/27/2019 c2 pandacrusher
german cars are actually pretty reliable to be fair
2/23/2018 c26 1Scarlett Cherie
This has been an excellent read! Just as I've said in one of my previous reviews, you have done an excellent job with all of the changes you have made. I'm sure that took a lot of thinking and tinkering to figure stuff out and making sure the flow ran well alongside the canon line. After finishing this, I am, of course, suddenly wondering how you are going to have Beau change into a vampire - what the situation is going to be especially since he's not Bella and lack of pregnancy. Hm, perhaps a disease that he picks up while in Rio since Bella had supposedly gotten sick while on her honeymoon? Also, what's going to make the Volturi turn up in Forks in Breaking Dawn Reimagined? So much to think about, but I will definitely be looking forward to your work!
- Scarlett Cherie
2/22/2018 c22 Scarlett Cherie
I found Sulpicia leadership to be pretty refreshing compared to Aro's slightly crazed way. While I can definitely see the changes of how the Volturi is being run, I love how you incorporated all of the changes to a way that makes sense and still stick with the canon. Looking forward to reading more!
-Scarlett Cherie
2/21/2018 c14 Scarlett Cherie
As I continue reading this, I just wanted to say that everything you have done so far with the changes has been wonderfully executed. I seriously feel like I'm just reading the continuation of Life and Death online (if only it had ended the same as Twilight). I totally understand your decision of cutting the whole imprinting shindig and the lack of pregnancy for your Break Dawn Reimagined. I did wonder a chapter or two ago how the pregnancy would've worked before I saw your author's note about cutting it out like with Breaking Dawn, Edward had "sleeping" sperm, so Edythe's eggs would be sleeping, too?But then there are other questions that just rises from that and my head hurts from thinking so much about it, hahah.
Anyways, wrapping this up, excellent job so far! One has to have so much dedication to go through the books extensively and making the necessary changes for things to make sense and still connect with the cannon. I sincerely applaud you!

-Scarlett Cherie
2/16/2018 c13 Will Tyers
Your a very talented writer
12/13/2017 c26 Shadowdog11
Yessssssss Eclipse. Next one.
12/13/2017 c25 Shadowdog11
I was sufficiently curious about the Carlisle interaction before... now I don’t want to wait.
12/13/2017 c22 Shadowdog11
Makes sense. More controlling, seemingly less creepy.
12/13/2017 c19 Shadowdog11
K so I’m dying to know how you’re going to do this. From the moment in Life and Death where they mentioned the altered Volturi I’ve been going back and forth on how it would turn out.
12/13/2017 c16 Shadowdog11
Animorph rule. The second you mentioned the spandex I stated chuckling. Full on cackling at the title of your rule.
12/13/2017 c14 Shadowdog11
Heh I guess the Leah thing will be somewhat on the fly then. It was one of the main reasons I wanted to see new moon and eclipse reimagined, to figure out how charlie’s relationship would play out given gender switches, Leah’s Lament, and what the substitute for Renesmee could be
12/13/2017 c12 Shadowdog11
I always felt that the only reason for imprinting was Beeaking Dawn as well. I guess I’ll wait to see how you handle Lee too
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